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Edens Zero Chapter 166 - Witch's sacrifice to protect her family

Edens Zero Chapter 166 – Shield Of Edens: My Love For You

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Edens Zero Chapter 166 - Witch's sacrifice to protect her family

My heart. Ah, it drowns within the sorrow of what has just taken place. It pains and yet it feels so fulfilled at the freedom, love and bonds on display. Witch chose the manner in which she lived and who she lived for. The choice was hers and those that she guarded were the most precious people to her. Her actions created a miracle and she prevented harm from reaching her family. Victory was hers. And yet, why does emptiness rush into my heart filling with grief? I am both happy and overwhelmed with sadness. The finality of the moment grates against my wishes. I love Witch’s character and never desired such a reality of loss. I wanted her to continue being the Mother of Edens Zero as well as the Shield that protects them. It hurts attempting to reconcile what has happened against my heart. Will a second miracle reveal itself?

Witch’s farewell was deeply emotional and impacting that I find myself rejecting any scenario that would diminish such a moment. At least let it last for a bit before introducing a scenario filled with happiness. I honestly have no idea how such a scenario would result, would it be due to Rebecca? Shiki? Or someone totally different? Whatever the case, my heart continues to refuse to accept Witch is gone gone and clings onto the hope that someone or something will arise in the future that enables Witch to return back to her family.

The fact that Ijuna and Shura also died leads me to believe that the reality in play won’t necessarily be the reality that is continued forward. There is opportunity to both develop Ijuna and Shura that ending their stories now seems like a waste. This even more prominent after Shura revealed the heart existing within him. The tears he shed may very well pave a path on which he can tread forward. I also would like to have further focus given to Ijuna to more accurately substantiate her interest in Shura. Ijuna may still be confused about her feelings and rather than love driving her, it could be her massive heart that seeks to express kindness onto Shura after getting to understand him. Shura has the capacity for change and it would be a tragedy to not have such a reality explored. I do like how Mashima-sensei is continuing to explore the effects trauma and pain have on people. Ijuna wasn’t just cured of her state once severing her string attaching her to Shura. Ijuna was twisted alongside Shura and came to realise something unexpected within her misery and suffering. Such a story concerning Ijuna and Shura not being explored gives me hope that a second miracle await this world in the future.

Will the Aoi Cosmos High Tide have anything to do with this second miracle? By being consumed by the explosion, the spirits of those who perished came to be absorbed within the Aoi Cosmos High Tide. Could the High Tide in turn be used to help restore the individual to their former state? Such as wrapping a part of space within a power that can revert time. If the souls of those lost do exist within the Aoi Cosmos High Tide, it may be possible for someone able to manipulate time within a specific manner to restore others back to their physical selves.

Edens Zero Chapter 166 - Witch's final message to her family

The crew of Edens transcends the divisions existing within the cosmos. Despite the varying existences aboard the ship, family is the word that best describes the crew. They have all learned to function as a team. Witch’s message to them will also help to solidify their bonds. Such a shared experienced steeped in emotion won’t be forgotten. I love how even though the Four Shining Star began as Androids, they have grown into existences as real and as meaningful as humans. What identifies life isn’t flesh and blood but the heart one bears toward everything. You are awesome, Witch. And my favourite Edens Zero character. I believe a path toward your return exist!

Elsie has yet to make her appearance. After being an active player within the arc, it seems strange for her to be forgotten. I don’t believe her absence is inconsequential. There must be a specific reason for why she is being saved for AFTER the antimatter bombs went off. Will Elsie’s role extend toward dealing with the Interstellar Union Army or helping the Edens Zero crew after such an incident? If the Edens Zero ship is damaged or still hindered by Ziggy, Elsie may be able to assist them. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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