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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 93 - Selene's initiates the game between Fairy Tail and Diabolos within the Great Labyrinth

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 93 – Dogramag: The Great Labyrinth

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 93 - Selene's initiates the game between Fairy Tail and Diabolos within the Great Labyrinth

Even in death, a Dragon still roars. Such is the case with the sixth Dragon that used to be part of the Six Dragon Gods but after conflicting with Elefseria, the dragon lost its life and fell back to the Earth it embodies. Separated from the plane of life but still existing within the power clinging to the Earth. Dogramag not only resonates with a purpose yet to uncover but within its confines it also wardens the heart of Elefseria that it devoured during the conclusion of their battle 100 years ago. The Great Labyrinth of Dogra continues to expand and at its heart remains the heart of the Law Dragon, Elefseria. Selene has arrived to initiate the challenge and with the darkening of the sky, the confrontation between Fairy Tail and Diabolos begins.

How curious it was to learn about the Sixth Dragon God and the continuation of its spirit through the Earth it rest within. But when interpreted through the story of Fairy Tail as a whole, it makes sense that an existence as grand as a Dragon continues to affect the world long after it has passed. Such has been the case with the Dragon Slayers who had parts of the Dragon spirits locked within their beings. I surmise that on a more a vindictive scale, Dogramag used his remaining power to commence an intention that has yet to reach its purpose. Dogramag is likely not alive but the energy that remains is being guided by the designs laid out during his death. Elefseria’s heart may or may not have something to do with the purpose. What seems possible is the heart of Elefseria being used in conjunction with Dogramag’s remaining powers. When Elefseria’s heart is freed, Dogramag’s spirit may be put to rest.

Consuming a Dragon to attain to their powers is such a curious reality. How are the current generation of Dragon Slayers about to do that and why weren’t any other humans able to achieve such an end before Georg? Or were they able to and we have yet to learn about them? It may be possible that there are special circumstances and methods to consuming a Dragon’s being to absorb their powers. If a Dragon can bless a human with their powers, it isn’t that surprising to have power passed along through the flesh being consumed. What will be fascinating is whether the Earth Dragon’s power can be absorbed through the consumption of the bones that remain. Or could Dogramag’s corpse not have decomposed after 100 years? If that is the case and it was somehow kept whole by Elefseria’s heart or Dogramag’s spirit, we may end up getting a Diabolos member who consumed Dogramag’s body. I also wonder if Dogramag’s powers have anything to do with Life. Considering he was the Earth Dragon, there may have a connection to “Life” which the Earth represents. Could their powers be used to revive spirits that exist in essence but not in physicality?

I don’t see Elefseria’s heart being consumed but if the story requires the secrets of Magic to be uncovered by the antagonist going forward, there could very well be a reason to have Elefseria’s heart consumed. The problem with Diabolos attaining the power of the Law Dragon is the vast knowledge they will possess. How will they use such knowledge and how can Fairy Tail compete with such a group when they will continuously be disadvantaged by the lack of information. Unless Elefseria’s powers are somewhat fragmented and Diabolos only attains part of his power through consuming the heart and Elefseria passes on the rest of his powers to Fairy Tail. Such a distribution of power and knowledge would create a new stage on which Fairy Tail and Diabolos can continue to conflict. But will Diabolos extend to becoming story-wide antagonist to Fairy Tail or are they destined for limited relevance. Considering Diabolos were introduced early on in the Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest story and have continued to hold relevance through the different arcs, Diabolos will continue to be relevant and likely serve the role of being long-term enemies of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 93 - Laxus, Gajeel and Lily appear infront of the Great Labyrinth

Selene’s arrival at the Great Labyrinth of Dogra is curious. Did she inform the Diabolos members of her intentions? Or are they only aware of the mission they were given? I suspect Selene is playing her own game and intends to test Diabolos against the other humans she sees potential in i.e. Fairy Tail. If Selene wished only for Diabolos to succeed, she would have no reason to summon Laxus and Gajeel (and Lily). Their very presence at the entrance of the Great Labyrinth of Dogra conveys her intentions. Selene isn’t after just Diabolos’s success but a stage on which she humans can prove to her that they are able to take on the remaining Dragon Gods. Selene is likely aware of her plans failure in Elentear and Fairy Tail’s role in achieving such an end. In order to identify whether Diabolos are strong enough, she has initiated a game between Diabolos and Fairy Tail. Selene intends to pit the Dragon Slayers of Diabolos against the Dragon Slayers of Fairy Tail to identify who the strongest guild is.

Selene could easily target Fairy Tail now and dispose of them but she has grander plans in mind that have humans at the center of the future she plans. What Selene is ultimately after are soldiers that she can use to target the remaining Dragon Gods. Selene must know what Dogramag’s spirit is doing and the relevance of the secrets Elefseria wishes to keep hidden. Why else would Selene use the Great Labyrinth of Dogra as the stage for this game she has planned. I have said it before and I will say it again, what Selene seeks isn’t the suffering, destruction or annihilation of humanity but rather the longing for entertainment. The collateral derived is but an indirect consequence of her thirst for recreation. Selene isn’t exactly a direct antagonistic Dragon that Fairy Tail need to eliminate. There is a reality that exist where both Selene and Fairy Tail can exist in coexistence. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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  1. Your theory regarding Dogramag is really interesting. Introducing the 6th Dragon God at this point is a bit contrived but Elfesseria’s power being tackled so openly is quite intriguing (on the good side). You said we could explore the origins of magic and when you really think about it, there’s not much that we know about it. Surely the Dragons are tied to the past of the Fairy Tail universe, but the extent of their influence being explored is nice to keep things interesting in this quest.

    Selene is back and whatever she has in store should be better than all of Eleantir together. Joining the Dragon Slayers to test the power of humans opens the doors for her to also become a more prominent figure beyond being a Dragon God, wich is exciting, so hopefully Mashima-sensei has nice stuff planned for this phase of the story.

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