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One Piece Chapter 1029 - Killer cuts Hawkins's arm off

One Piece Chapter 1029 – Killer VS Hawkins: Wheel Of Fortune

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One Piece Chapter 1029 - Killer cuts Hawkins's arm off

What seemingly appeared a hopeless situation with Killer backed into a corner turned into a moment of inspiration where Killer discovered an unforeseen weakness in Hawkin’s Straw Man ability. If nothing exist on the Straw Man target in the place the damage accorded, the injury suffered by Hawkins will not transfer over, rather it will be sustained by Hawkins himself. Using such a supposition, Killer created the path on which Hawkin’s defeat resided. Killer spun the wheel of fortune with his actions and achieved a turning point. Kid is now free from Hawkins’s ability and the pain that was consuming him. The collapse of the Yonko are now on the cards and a new way forward is a destiny awaiting all.

I did not expect Hawkins’s Straw Man ability to contain such a weakness but it makes complete sense for such a void to exist. If nothing exist in the space to absorb the damage, it would occur on the only remain place it can affect i.e. Hawkins. For Killer to realise this and for Hawkins’s Straw Man’s to be stored in that exact arm, I wonder how long Oda had been planning such a match up and fight. Hawkins ultimately relied too much on his abilities and fortunes that he became blind to a flaw that existed within his Straw Man. Is this the first time Hawkins suffered any damage himself while having his Straw Man ability active? No other character Hawkins’s trapped with his Straw Man had missing limbs? Whatever the case, Killer was methodical in his approach toward taking on Hawkins and fate itself smiled poorly on Hawkins as he drew the Tower card that signifies the coming of a great change.

With Hawkins missing an arm now, will he not be able to use his Straw Man ability again or does he merely have to change which limb the Straw Man dolls are stored in. I do wonder if his arm can be reattached if treated quickly or whether Oda plans to feature Hawkins going forward with only one arm. He be unconscious now but I his role within the arc is not done. The fortune he performed earlier in the arc about the person who only had 1% chance of surviving until tomorrow still has to be clarified. Was that person Drake or someone who is currently engaged in a fight? And will Hawkins switch sides not that he has pulled the Tower card? Hawkins understands what that card means in the context of the current battle on Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 1029 - Big Mom attempts to end Kid

I don’t believe Big Mom is going to be fully defeated in this arc. She will fail against Kid and Law but she won’t be defeated. Big Mom will serve a bigger role in the future where the whole of the Big Mom Pirates will be the primary focus. Big Mom has ties to Elbaf and such an Island seems like a great place for her ultimate fall. Kaido is the primary focus in the arc and if Big Mom were to be defeated alongside him, she would be but a afterthought considering the imbalance of focus and relevance she received compared to Kaido.

Sanji’s confusion over the changes occurring to his body is amusing and understandable. I do believe Judge’s manipulation of his DNA while a child has something to do with the current changes but I also suspect that the changes won’t necessarily match what happened to his brothers. Sanji’s heart will not fade. It will not turn to ice. The heat of passion and love that fuels Sanji is too strong for such a reality. I am curious to see the process Sanji goes through when reconciling why the changes to his body are happening now. What conclusion will Sanji arrive at and how will this influence the story of the Germa. Sanji is without a doubt getting a power up but as to the nature of how it will evolve his abilities, such a path is unclear at this point. Will Sanji display strength that mirrors his siblings after embracing the changes currently going on with his body?

I find it hilarious that Queen is obsessed about Sanji activating his Germa Raid Suit. Does Queen want to prove his scientific superiority to Judge by defeating a son of his that wielded a Raid Suit designed by Judge? Most likely, but such a effort will only produce an indirect comparison. If Queen wants to compete against Judge as a scientist, he should do it directly. Still, the moment Sanji returns to the battle and dons his Raid Suit, it will be curtains closed for Queen. He is destined to be defeated and Sanji will be his guide. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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