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Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Shiki VS Shura and Ziggy VS Nero

Edens Zero Chapter 164 – Shiki VS Shura: Gravity’s Beginning


Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Shiki VS Shura and Ziggy VS Nero

What we thought was the end of the gravity was but a layer masking the deeper depths that lay beyond. Gravity doesn’t just affect the world but ALL matter whether it holds form or not. Poseidon Nero discovered this truth much too late and as such not only had his life crushed but his Ether Gear drained by Ziggy’s gravity. Shura even learned about gravity’s potential right before his defeat. What Shura thought was merely a force to weight others down with was only a fraction of the face of possibility. Gravity, as a power, exist in a form much deeper than that. The weight of its force lies in the resolve driving its application. A foundation shaken within Shura by the doubts manifesting within his heart. It is also due to gravity that Ziggy managed to activate the antimatter bombs on Nero 66. What remains now is to see whether gravity can in turn also remedy this situation. How will Shiki and Rebecca use their combined powers to save everyone?

I was not expecting Nero’s power to fall into Ziggy using gravity. Such a thought wasn’t even within the realms of being entertained but now that such a possibility has arisen, when a step back is taken, it makes complete sense for gravity, in a science fiction setting, to be able to function in such a manner. With such a revelation, the path forward for Ziggy has become much more curious. If he can attract powers into him, what other Ether Gears will he make fall? Are there limits to this power as in the number of Ether Gears he can attract? And with multiple powers, can he use them concurrently or does he need to cycle between the Ether Gears in order to access them meaning multiple Ether Gear powers won’t be able to be utilised at the same time. It is such a fascinating development that I wonder how it will evolve and expand going forward.

And speaking about going forward, Shura was no match for the gravity Shiki generated. Shiki was not concerned about rising vertically as was Shura’s desire, rather Shiki sought to expand horizontally in regards to his perspective of life. Shiki wished to progress forward with his friends toward moments that little by little added weight to his heart and life. Channeling such a feeling, Shiki consolidated the weight of his resolve into his Black Sky attack. Facing a gravitational force he could not comprehend, Shura could do little to defend against it. The weight of Shura’s resolve crumbled throughout his battles against Shiki whereas Shiki’s resolve became heavier the more they battled. When the climax arrived, the difference in gravitational force was palpable.

But as one problem wraps up, another arises. This time it comes in the form of Ziggy activating the 20,000 imperial antimatter bombs on Nero 66. No mention of a countdown has been made but if I were to make a guess, there will be a countdown before the bombs explode. Stakes needs to be raised and tension needs to be created. A countdown will achieve such an end. Additionally, it would also allow for Rebecca’s powers to come into use if failure is an end the Edens crew arrive at in their initial attempts. By reversing time by a few minutes after each failure, Rebecca can help narrow down where the bombs may be located and how they can be deactivated or stopped. Rebecca may even evolve her abilities where she uses her time altering abilities on the bombs themselves to return them into a deactivated state.

Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Shiki defeats Shura with his Super Ultimate Magimech Black Sky attack

Ijuna escaped from Laguna’s metal canister? How? When? Why? Such a set-up is definitely purposeful and will have value when it comes to stopping the imperial anti-matter bombs. Considering Ijuna severed her string to Shura, the love she once held for him has turned into hate which means the obvious location she would head to would be one where Shura is located. Ijuna may wish to kill him. Ijuna may or may not succeed but she will encounter Shiki and Rebecca who could recruit her assistance in helping them stop the destruction of Nero 66. Ijuna’s feelings for Laguna and the Oasis Rebellion still remain and will become a driving force for her in how she moves forward. Ijuna could assist in locating where the bombs are or in narrowing down where they aren’t. If the antimatter bombs are stopped, the All-Link system will remain. Will the Edens crew stop that as well or will Ziggy also activate that once making a few adjustments? I don’t see the All-Link system being activated but if a component within the All-Link system holds value to Ziggy, he will procure such a piece that may come into play much later within the story of Edens Zero.

It will also be interesting to see if antimatter bombs would be used against the Sea Serpent currently in the space around Nero 66. If Justice, Eraser and the Oasis Rebellion can’t stop the Sea Serpent, other force may be required. This could arrive in the form of the antimatter bombs that the Edens crew could turn into a weapon to use against the Imperial Army. Or if further drama is sought after, the arrival of Elsie could be used. Elsie was chasing after Ziggy but her whereabouts are currently unknown. With two locations currently housing the activity within the Aoi Cosmos, which one would Elise choose? Would she go after Ziggy or lend her assistance to the Edens Zero who are fighting the more pressing battle with the All-Link system on Nero 66. I don’t see Elsie being able to stop Ziggy so if she were to have a further role within this arc, it would be in the space outside Nero 66. Her presence would also set-off Justice and add more chaos to the situation. By attracting the attention of the Interstellar Union Army (IUA), Elsie could give the Edens Crew an opportunity to escape Nero 66 without being caught by the IUA. Very much looking forward to the next chapter as the danger has not subsided. Happy birthday, Ziggy.

2 thoughts on “Edens Zero Chapter 164 – Shiki VS Shura: Gravity’s Beginning

  1. Massive props to Mashima-sensei who has none a wonderful job setting Ziggy up as the main antagonist, developed Shiki in an awesome way and expanded much of what we thought we knew about Satan Gravity. If anything, this arc was moved by those three forces and the efforts are paying off.

    Ijuna going for the kill for Shura would be a bit redundant because in the last climax arc we also had Weisz do similar and deciding not to, so having the same situation happen would probably be a waste of time. I think she’s probably going to tae part in stopping the bombs and possibly the All’Link. Mahima-sensei seems to have taken a like to her character, so I can see him putting her through a “redemption” role to use her in future arcs.

    And last, I’m almost 100% convinced that Elsie is going to show up in space. There’s no possible way she could stop Ziggy and the IUA most likely won’t have the Edens Zero crew escaping, so she might help them escape. She has taken a like to them and I believe she believes that eventually the whole crew – especially Shiki – will be able to stop Ziggy. Verry exciting chapter and pleasently surprised that even after the fall of the arc’s main villains we still have content to cover. Happy birthday, Ziggy lol.

    • You probably right about Ijuna, a repetition of what came before would be redundant unless Mashima-sensei intends to let Ijuna kill Shura but that is not how Ijuna has been developed.

      Ziggy’s action going forward is definitely interesting. And how will the IUA respond to him because with Jaguar killed by him, the IUA members should have some feelings of vengeance coursing through them when they learn the news.

      Also, will a Chronophage come into play this arc as well? They are one of the mysteries in Edens Zero and have repeatedly influenced the story. Very curious to see how this arc concludes.

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