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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 92 - Diablos's Dark Dragon Slayers

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 92 – Diabolos’s Dark Dragon Slayers

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 92 - Diablos's Dark Dragon Slayers

Selene’s plans have been set in motion and with it the gathering of the Dark Dragon Slayers has resulted. Diabolos plays their strongest hand in order to pursue the path of an age without Dragons. They have attacked the Great Labyrinth where the Sixth of the Five Dragon Gods slumber. A Sixth Dragon that would presumably awaken once the seal of the Five Dragon Gods is lifted. Selene intends to exploit the power within the Great Labyrinth to make defeating Viernes and Ignia into a reality. With Elefseria now aware of Diabolos’s movements and Fairy Tail present, it is only a matter of time before the conflict between Fairy Tail and Diabolos begins.

With the introduction of Misaki, Haku and Kirin alongside Suzaku, the strongest members of Diabolos have gathered (presumably). Natsu and Erza were overwhelmed by Suzaku during their previous encounter, so having three other Dragon Slayers of equal strength as opponents beckons the question – can Fairy Tail stop Diabolos? Erza and Natsu weren’t really prepared for battle during that time and they were exhausted, so their defeats to Suzaku don’t reflect their true capabilities. Erza was able to stop Suzaku in her state and if she were more aware of his capabilities, she should be able to react more aptly to his attacks. And Natsu becomes something completely different when he is fired up. So, defeating the Dark Dragon Slayers isn’t an impossibility, especially if Elefseria lends some assistance. I don’t believe the Fairy Tail VS Diabolos conflict will be resolved within this chapter but rather developments will take place that changes the status quo.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 92 - Erza will not have any of Diablos's threats

I expect during Diabolos’s encounter with Fairy Tail either Suzaku or Kiria will betray Diabolos. Neither have shown any fondness for Selene and are more eager to stop Selene than Fairy Tail currently. And as the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Suzaku would make the most obvious choice considering his position, initial fondness of Fairy Tail and ability to assist Fairy Tail in battling the Dark Dragon Slayers going forward e.g. training Erza in the way of the Sword and Natsu in accessing more of his Dragon Slayer powers. Kiria could work as well and be the more fascinating choice. Kiria could provide intel to Fairy Tail in regards to Selene’s goals and possibly assist in leading Fairy Tail to there next target once they fail in stopping Diabolos in the Great Labyrinth. Kiria making amends to Erza would also be great to see as their conflict has seemingly been exhausted of its relevance. Kiria has indirectly acknowledged that Erza was stronger than her during the battle in Dramil. Developing Erza and Kiria’s relation seems the most appropriate choice going forward as they aren’t rivals anymore. Erza will likely be matched up against one of the Dark Dragon Slayers. Also if Kiria sticks around with Team Natsu, she will eventually get to meet Laxus again, a reality she wouldn’t disagree with.

Why would either leave Diabolos when they were so passionate about it? Diabolos has changed. With Selene as the new Guild Master, the entire environment has become one unfamiliar to its members. There is also the fact that for whatever reason, Suzaku held Georg in a revered view and now seeks vengeance against Georg’s killer. And as for Kiria, she REALLY does not like Selene and being looked down on. Selene not appearing pleased in this chapter may be an indication of her intentions going forward. With the Dark Dragons Slayers introduced, what relevance does Kiria have going forward as a member of Diabolos? To be dispatched of easily once Fairy Tail level up to face the Dark Dragon Slayers? Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how Suzaku and Kiria proceed once they encounter Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 92 - The Sixth of the Five Dragon Gods

I am very curious to see how Fairy Tail and Diabolos match-ups pan out. Who will Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Wendy and Erza be facing? Considering Natsu met Suzaku first and was defeated by him before, will he take on Suzaku? Or will Erza, who is a swordwoman and was defeated by Suzaku, take him on? Erza did comment that Suzaku was an infuriating Samurai and powerful beyond reason which could convey a relation between the two, whether enemy of ally. If one expects Natsu, Gray and Erza to get a Dark Dragon Slayer to defeat of their own, would Lucy and Wendy take on the fourth or will one take on the fourth and the other focus on the other Diabolos members?

It was fascinating to learn that Elefseria’s request to Georg about the 100 Years Quest is what led to the formation of Diabolos. Considering the hype Georg is being given, I wonder why he was merely used a stone for Selene to step on in order to amplify her own threat. Was Georg just hype for Selene’s sake? Or is there something more there? Georg killed several surviving Dragons during his time and consumed them, so there was room to highlight and focus on Georg. Well, whatever the case, until Georg is shown to have revived or escaped death somehow, he was squashed by Selene’s forefoot.

The existence of the Sixth Dragon is something. Does Selene know about this? Surely she does given the mission she tasked Diabolos with. Who is the Sixth Dragon and what does the Dragon Seal have to do with it? Why was it sealed and why is Selene targeting the Dragon? Does this Sixth Dragon have the ability to revive the age of Dragons again or at least prevent the extinction of Dragons? Elefseria should fess up about his intentions because, they aren’t merely sealing the Dragon Gods for the worlds sake. His actions clearly have something to do with this Sixth Dragon. Was the Sixth Dragon the Dragon who taught him Dragon Slaying magic? Would Irene know about this Dragon if Elefseria mentions its name? With Irene being the mother of Dragon Slaying magic, she may possibly be aware of this Sixth Dragon and its importance. As for Hikage, a talking crow? Is there more their story than just being a talking crow? I hope so. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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