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One Piece Chapter 1028 - Sanji undergoes a conversion

One Piece Chapter 1028 – Sanji VS Queen: Metamorphosis

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One Piece Chapter 1028 - Sanji undergoes a conversion

Sanji’s body has undergone an internal transformation and unbeknownst to him, effects of Judge’s research have begun to bloom within him, a son Judge once thought a failure. Sanji’s fears are perceivable but the heart he has cultivated over the years will not be inconsequential in raising him up. Empathy and emotion won’t be rewritten by the power now imbuing his body. The change arising has become less Judge’s experiment and more a power now a part of Sanji. All Sanji needs to do is embrace the inevitable metamorphosis now taking place. The power is his and he can choose how to use it.

How marvelous it was seeing Sanji display potential for evolution that rippled back to the research Judge had once conducted. And contrary to what Judge intended when he conducted the experiments on his children, true strength will not arise with the erasure of emotion. Sanji has the opportunity to both convey such a reality to both himself and to Judge when he once meets his father again. Rejection may be at the forefront of Sanji’s mind but if Sanji were to take a step back, he may notice that freedom still exist in regards to how he wishes to move forward. Sanji’s bodily structure may have been reconstituted but has the effects influenced his mental state? I don’t believe it has and I don’t believe it will. Sanji has built himself up already to not be lost within the change now taking place with his body.

One Piece Chapter 1028 - Sanji VS Queen

Sanji will come to such a realisation soon and grasp ahold of the opportunity before him. Sanji will neither lose to his fears of turning into a heartless soldier like his brothers or to the attacks Queen directs toward him. The battle has shifted and Sanji will understand what he needs to do. And another element that could come into play with Sanji that he will likely only notice later is the representation he will express to his siblings. Even with a body designed by Germa science and technology, one needs not lose their heart. Sanji is facing a battle between both Queen and his image of Germa 66 and once Sanji gets perspective on what needs to be done, he won’t be losing to either. Go Stealth Black, Sanji!

The relevance of the CP-0’s presence within Onigashima now extends itself beyond summarization and how thrilling a set-up it is. The World Government has sensed an opportunity and if Kaido were to be defeated and the Beast Pirates hold over Wano Kuni lost, they wholly intend to forcefully drag Wano Kuni under their direct control. The World Government have no concerns about the citizens who lived oppressed by tyrants for over twenty years, all they seek is to expand their power and forcefully put an end to any potential oppositions that could amount. Control is the World Government’s driving force. Kaido is certainly going to be defeated in Wano Kuni, so the questions now becomes, how will the Straw Hat Pirates, Samurai, Mink, Ninja and other allies defend against the World Government whom have now sent ships to Wano to bring it under their control. The amount of ships sent could very well allow for the World Government to issue a Buster Call on Wano Kuni.

>>Analysis – The World Government’s Move On Wano

The CP-0 present on Onigashima have been issued an mission from above – capture Nico Robin and bring her to the World Government. With events around the world spiraling out of control for the World Government fear has become a constant wind for them and Nico Robin’s presence amongst the Straw Hat Pirates being the primary contributor. The fact that Lucci was the one conveying such an order to the CP-0 members on Onigashima was such a comical moment – does he need Luffy to beat him up again? Because obviously the first beating wasn’t enough to make him realise how unmatched he was. I look forward to Lucci receiving the report of the CP-0’s failure in capturing Robin. Twitches of Luffy overwhelming him on Enies Lobby may arise within his body.

One Piece Chapter 1028 - The World Government targets Nico Robin

Now that the CP-0 have been activated, their involvement within the arc sets the stage for characters to be highlighted. Characters such as Brook. He is currently serving as a vanguard for Robin who has partially recovered from her injuries and exhaustion in her battle against Black Maria. On route toward them is also Jinbe who Brook contacted earlier requesting him to head down to floor 3. When the CP-0 do confront Robin, they will have to get past forces like Brook and Jinbe before reaching Robin. I also suspect that the Straw Hat Pirates who are now free after disposing of their opponent will assemble alongside Robin once word gets out that the World Government are targeting her through the CP-0 currently on Onigashima. Usopp, Nami, Franky and Chopper will defend Robin once they become aware of the target on Robin’s back. And if Zoro and Sanji are done with their battles by this time, even if exhausted, they will drag themselves toward Robin to defend her.

Momonosuke will save Wano Kuni. He will become the figure that will carry the weight of Wano on his back. Just like Oden when he carried his retainers, the future of Wano, on his back during the hour long execution, Momonosuke will do whatever he can to keep Onigashima from falling on the Flower Capital. Necessity will overcome anxiety and when the moment calls for it, Momonosuke will rise to the role of becoming the Shogun of Wano. Onigashima will be carried by Momonosuke for Wano to see. Those present in the Flower Capital will tell of the legend of Momonosuke who carried the fate of Wano on his back and liberated them from their darkness clouding their hearts for twenty long years. Believe in yourself Momonosuke! Luffy and Yamato already do believe in you.

One Piece Chapter 1028 - Yamato in Wolf form

Yamato taking on the role of eliminating the worst case scenario is such an exemplary moment of Oda intentionally uplifting Yamato’s relevance within the arc and overall story. Yamato is not passive in their actions but active in his decisions regarding the ultimate goal sought for Wano – it’s liberation and freedom. Luffy, Momonosuke and Yamato’s actions have been equated alongside each other in their importance. Without any one of them succeeding, the end sought will not arise. With the fire raging within the Onigashima Skull Dome, it is bound to reach the explosives. With Onigashima moving toward the Flower Capital, it is positioned to cause major death and destruction when it falls. And with Kaido remaining standing, the chains over Wano Kuni will not be released. Yamato, Momonosuke and Luffy each have their roles to play and their success is paramount to the future of Wano Kuni.

Yamato retrieving the explosives from Onigashima will also come into play later when defending against the World Government forces. When Kaido is defeated and the Samurai rebellion exhausted, these explosives could be the deciding factor in Wano keeping their independence or being forced under the World Government’s control. As Yamato heads for the Onigashima basement in his wolf form, which looks as majestic as his Hybrid form, will he use the front or back entrance (the entrance Law used to access the basement)? And seeing as the majority of the activity is taking place above the basement of Onigashima, would Yamato run into anyone? Aside from general Beast Pirate forces, Yamato could run into the Numbers that haven’t introduced themselves yet. There is also the possibility of Yamato meeting the Straw Hat Pirates and requesting their help with the explosives within Onigashima. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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