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One Piece Chapter 1003 - Cipher Pol Aigis Zero

[Analysis] One Piece – The World Government’s Move On Wano

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One Piece Chapter 1028 - The World Government moves to claim Wano

With World Government’s move to claim Wano in the case of Kaido’s defeat, they have revealed their fear for the nation that has remained independent for the past 800+ years. The World Government have sensed an opportunity and wish to exploit it. With that said, how do they seek entry into Wano Kuni? Do the ships intend to enter from the front – Mogura Port – where defense is thinned or from the back?

If the World Government wish to gain entry from the front, they would require someone to haul them up using the Gondola at Mogura Port. Would the Beast Pirates comply willing or do the World Government have other spies within Wano Kuni beside the CP-0? As for the back entrance, would the World Government ships consider entering Wano by being pulled by Koi Fish? Such a method is a risky one and the Marine ships are massive in size. It would be a challenge for them to enter Wano through such an avenue. When one takes into account the position of Onigashima and the size of Wano it is currently at, it makes more sense for the World Government to enter Wano Kuni through the front – Mogura Port. Or do they wish to surround Wano Kuni and force them into submission?

As the Marine ships draw closer to Wano Kuni, the Beast Pirates surveillance should notice them. Or were all the surveillance equipment destroyed by the Big Mom Pirates when they passed through the area? If the Marines are entering through the front of Wano, they would be on the opposite side of where the Big Mom Pirates passed so it seems unlikely that there wouldn’t be surveillance equipment in the area the Marine ships are now passing. And if the Marine ships aren’t approaching Wano from the secret entrance, they will likely not meet the Big Mom Pirates. Though if the Marines have chosen the riskier entry or the Big Mom Pirates relocated to the front entrance of Wano, the Marines will encounter the Big Mom Pirates. If such a confrontation takes place, the ensuing events will be tremendously thrilling.

One Piece Chapter 1003 - Cipher Pol Aigis Zero

The movement of a large force by the World Government toward Wano during the time where other chaotic happenings are taking place, such a development will be noticed. And if word got out, the Straw Hat Pirate Alliance will be compelled to act. And if this is the case, are the Grand Fleet members making their way to Wano as well to defend the Straw Hat Pirates? Such a development would make sense in the context of the current saga where the Straw Hat Pirates are building themselves up as force equivalent to that of the Yonko. Defeating Kaido and forcing Big Mom to withdraw on top of having the Straw Hat Pirates Grand Fleet make their appearance within Wano would be an expression of how significant Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have become within the New World. Luffy will have attained a status equal to that of Shanks which would in turn set-up their reunion as per the promise Luffy made to Shanks all those years ago. Luffy will be recognised as a great pirate across the world once the events of Wano transpire.

Do the World Government have deeper intentions for Wano than just bringing an unaffiliated country under their control? Do the Gorosei and Im realize the relevance of Wano to the history they are so desperate to keep hidden? I suspect they do. Such a power would not have kept an undesired history hidden for centuries if unaware of the enemies they face. By controlling Wano, the World Government likely intends to control the information and rebellion that could result. The fall of Wano would signal the removal of thorn within their side.

As for the meaning behind Wano fully achieving their liberation, the mechanization left behind by Joy Boy and Roger will finally begin turning again. Wano fending off the World Government’s encroach helps setup Wano Kuni as a force capable of rivaling the World Government and their imbalanced justice. It also establishes a center on which supporting forces can gather in their resistance against the World Government – nations such as Elbaf, Germa and Zou. Eventually as the Tenryuubito reveal their intentions, nations such as Alabasta, Fish-Man Island and Dressrosa may turn their support toward Wano. Looking forward to seeing the attack by the World Government on Wano play out.

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