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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 73 - Selene, the moon and the ability to traverse dimension

[Theory] Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest – The Potential Of Selene

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 73 - Selene, the moon and the ability to traverse dimension

Selene, The Moon Dragon God, has become an incredibly fascinating character in regards to her story, attitude and potential. What began as a Dragon that appeared evil turned into an existence that represented a more chaotic neutral alignment. What Selene seeks isn’t the suffering, destruction or annihilation of humanity but rather the longing for entertainment. The collateral derived is but an indirect consequence of her thirst for recreation. When amusement is at play, lesser existences relevant to her pursuit are assimilated to objects of entertainment to be taken advantage of. Selene is not evil but overwhelmingly transcendent in her perspective of less cultivated beings.

The manner in how Selene handled the realisation of Kurnugi’s vengeance was frighteningly astonishing. She took on the role of a defeated Dragon God and played the part to perfection as the subjects of her revenge moved according to her entrapments. Such an act was one weighted in the knowledge of her opponent and in the awareness of their minds. It not only conveys how dangerous Selene is but also how personal she can be.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 68 - Selene encounters Natsu and Co.

Without a doubt Selene will eventually be defeated by Fairy Tail with Suzaku having a hand in reaching such an end. Selene won’t be killed by Suzaku at that time though which will in some capacity allow Selene to reevaluate her perspective on life, magic and her place within the world. Her view on humans will evolve from what it is into something more inclusive.

Considering the power Selene possesses in being able to shift through dimensions, her very presence allows for more expansive story telling. Fairy Tail won’t be limited to just Earthland in regards to the adventure they will be exposed to but like with Edolas and Elentir, other worlds will be open for them to explore and assist in. Not only would the story be free to explore different settings but additional power structures beyond magic, curses and spirits can introduced and developed upon. I suspect once Selene is defeated, she will become a neutral player within the future story of Fairy Tail. Her presence in the story makes it possible for the Fairy Tail story to continue beyond the 100 Years Quest. Fresh adventures in new lands would be but a portal away.

  • Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 73 - Selene expresses what interest her
  • Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 73 - The extent to which Selene will go to be entertained

Selene’s other children may even become active players within the coming story. Depending on Selene’s age and when she was born, I wonder if one of her children is Belserion, The Sage Dragon? Irene would definitely be interested in conversing with Selene and if there exist a bond shared between the two, I wonder how such an interaction between the two will go down. Irene inherited Belserion’s power and became the first Dragon Slayer. If Belserion was one of Selene’s children, it would make Erza Selene’s granddaughter. One way to develop Selene into a character that doesn’t conflict against humanity and represent a threat to the world is by aligning her with said world and humanity. And what better way than by associating her with a half-dragon/half-human child. Such a development would develop Erza, Irene and Selene’s characters in regards to the blood/power they share. Very much looking forward to seeing Selene’s story develop.

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