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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 90 - Selene's revenge

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 90 – Selene’s Revenge

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 90 - Selene's revenge

What an abrupt and unexpected development. I was not anticipating such a scenario to unfold right after the conclusion of the Elentir arc. The choice Selene made goes beyond conceit and arrogance. It was carefully planned and executed. The burning desire for vengeance could be felt through the manner in which it was effected. Suzaku was played and so were the rest of the Diabolos. Selene understood the weakness perceived in herself as well as those in the forces opposing her and exploited both remarkably. Her actions in regards to what was done to her son, Kurnugi, has left me in reverence at her brutal magnificence. How spectacular Selene, what a move.

Selene entrapped Diabolos within their own egos and maneuvered their hands to tie the noose around their own necks. Suzaku failed to predict such a reality and succumbed the ruse Selene guided him down. He led Selene straight to the Guild Master of Diabolos, Georg, the one who had killed her son, Kurnugi, in the past. As a result of Selene’s expert performance, Suzaku suspected nothing. He was fooled by both the belief he had that Selene was captured and in the extent he assumed Selene’s strength reached. The reality in which Selene was a dragon he defeated only existed as an illusion within his own mind which Selene inspired into creation. She was far beyond their capabilities. A truth engraved into their hearts after the display of power in disposing of Georg.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 90 - Selene executes her justice on the murderer of her son

The ease with which Georg was dispatched by Selene remains consistent with how they have been portrayed in the story so far. Despite them being Dragon Slayers and Dragon Eaters, they had yet to show their capabilities in being a match for the Dragons that roamed Guiltina. The difficulty the members focused on had against Fairy Tail when facing off against them conveyed the levels the guild in general and their guild master possessed. Suzaku may have overwhelmed Team Natsu during their skirmish but nothing about his accomplishments conveyed being able to take on a Dragon God alone. When you take into account how inflated Georg and the rest of the Diabolos members were by their egos, there is little confusion as to why Georg was caught so off guard and overwhelmingly dispatched. Selene had set the moment up and aligned the players in the positions she deemed adequate. Even the subsequent decision to leave the rest of the Diabolos members alive was likely purposeful by Selene.

I love how Kiria (along with Suzaku) gets special focus within the chapters involving Diabolos. She is one of the more interesting Diabolos members with a great design and intoxicating twisted personality. She is both crazy and naive in terms of her reactions exciting her. Along with how Kiria evolves her power, I look forward to seeing how her story develops going forward. As for what Suzaku will do going forward, he will have a hand in defeating Selene but it will ultimately be Fairy Tail that “seals” her.

>>Theory – The Potential Of Selene

With what happened to Diabolos, the question arises, is Georg truly defeated? Was he killed without his story beginning or is this just part of the introduction of a future threat (Georg reviving)? Georg reminds me a lot of Jiemma Orland (Minerva’s father) who was dispatched before his story began. Jiemma was used primarily to progress the narrative of others opposed to having one for himself. There was set-up for Jiemma’s story but beyond being a shitty dad that served to nuance Minerva’s journey from darkness to light, his only other relevance was being a wall the heroes needed to overcome. Jiemma would have served a better role conflicting against Minerva after she accepted herself as that would have played into the past both shared and resulted in lasting consequences. Jiemma’s treatment of Minerva likely still traumatizes her and it would have been inspiring to see the expression of her feelings for her father play out in an actual battle/conflict. Jiemma may have even come out a better person as a result of it. Alas, Jiemma wasn’t confirmed to have died in the battle against Sting and Rogue, so he may still appear in front of Minerva against in the story. As for what Jiemma has to do with Georg, well beyond the way they were treated, nothing else at all. Though, I do wonder if Georg has a daughter/child. If Georg really did die, it would be a great way to introduce one of his children into the story.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 90 - Erza reaching out toward Jellal

I love how Fairy Tail members are showing signs of subtle changes as the story of 100 Years Quest develops. Gray is definitely more accepting of the love Juvia feels for him and is ready to reciprocate them. As for Gajeel, the reality that he is going to be a father has caused a more responsible shadow within him to manifest. I did enjoy how Natsu kept pushing Gajeel until he got the reaction he initially expected. Classic Natsu and Gajeel are still great to see. As for Erza, she is also taking avenues to reach out for what she wants after realising what that is post Acnologia. Erza cares for Jellal and she has come to realise that she wishes to spend more time with him. The offer she extends to Jellal is not only one to benefit herself but one to also help Jellal move forward. The scene where Erza leaves Jellal speechless was great. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what the new arc will be (hopefully it involves Diabolos).

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