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Edens Zero chapter 159 - The tears that restore ones heart

Edens Zero Chapter 159 – Laguna VS Ijuna: Destiny

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Edens Zero chapter 159 - The tears that restore ones heart

A heart brought to the point of desperation where the desire for survival constructed the deception that was the affection Ijuna felt toward Shura. It was an escape from the agony washing over Ijuna day after day, cruelty after cruelty, torture after torture. A subconscious defensive mechanism activated alongside her Ether Gear and in the maelstrom of hopelessness and torment, a red string of ether driven by anguish connected Ijuna to Shura. The love binding Ijuna to Shura is but an illusion of emotions conjured by her despair and connection to Ether. What ultimately saved Ijuna were the tears of her heart longing for the bonds she was already connected by. Unbreakable bonds that tied Oasis together in the form of their desire for liberation. Laguna awakened Ijuna’s heart and released Ijuna from the bindings entrapping her allowing her to sever the red thread tying her to Shura. The destiny awaiting Ijuna isn’t Shura but the red destiny of Oasis.

To think that what allowed Ijuna to survive Shura was the awakening of her Ether Gear. Psychologically, Ijuna was being broken down after each torture and before her mind completely collapsed, her Ether Gear activated and subconsciously tied a red string to Shura. Such an action overwrote her emotions allowing her to escape being fully mentally broken down. It was a thread constructed and tied not out of choice but necessity. This explains why the deeper Laguna pressed, the more Ijuna came to realise how dishonest her words were. The cries of her heart once drowned out by the facade of her affection for Shura came to be heard upon the realisation of her true feelings. A state only one close to her heart could help her realise.

Edens Zero chapter 159 - The bonds tied to Ijuna

I am curious to see where Ijuna goes from here but considering how close the bonds of Oasis have been entrenched in Ijuna’s heart, the most appropriate place for her to reside after the current events is in Oasis. They are her family and the bonds which helped save her from Shura’s torment. Laguna also seems destined to remain with Ijuna in Oasis considering that too is where his heart is bound. Like Edens Zero, Oasis is also a family to Laguna and a place he considers home. And when you take into account his actions in helping save Ijuna and his comment about them going back to Oasis, it appears set-up for Laguna to remain in the Aoi Cosmos after the current events. Developments may still take place that directs Laguna back toward having to travel aboard the Edens Zero. Laguna is a great character, so if he does remain in the Aoi Cosmos after this arc, his absence will be sorely missed.

I am excited to see how the battle between Shiki and Shura unfolds, especially after Shiki’s expression of intent in wanting to crush Shura. The battle won’t proceed exactly how Shiki plans as Shura isn’t the type of person who engages in fairness and threads the path of honour. Rather, Shura will likely reveal something to distract Shiki. Whether it be deception, taunts or truth, Shura will use any and every weapon in his arsenal to keep himself in a position of superiority. Shura sees Shiki, Androids and everyone as beneath him. But it is that ego which Shiki can exploit to gain the upper hand. At the same time as rejecting Shura’s expectations, Shiki will also need to reject Shura’s status and abilities. Within such a realm, Shura’s mental fortitude or lack thereof will be exposed.

Edens Zero chapter 159 - Shiki VS Shura

As expected, Mashima-sensei didn’t kill Witch but rather left her in a very precarious state. I am glad she is alive but I can’t help but note the foreboding feeling I have concerning the events to come as Rebecca, Happy, Pino and Witch head off to stop the All-Link system. None of the Oceans 6 remain resistant, Ijuna has been saved and Shura is currently preoccupied, so there should be no one to stop Rebecca from deactivating the All-Link system bar the nameless soldiers fighting for the Imperial Army but it is within that calmness that I feel belies a chaos. Who are the other characters remaining that are on route to the All-Link system? Yes Homura AND the questionable individual following her – Creed.

I never trusted Creed and the current non-existent “team” he mentioned to Homura only dyes his character in more suspicion. Why hasn’t there been any mention of Interstellar Union Army operatives on Nero 66? Surely, the team Creed arrived with weren’t all ninjas. With the surveillance the Imperial Army has, the Interstellar Union Army operatives should have been spotted already. Unlike the area Homura was in, the camera’s should still be functioning elsewhere. So then why has there been no indication of any other Interstellar Union Army officer on Nero 66 besides Creed? Maybe it is because Creed is lying and he is the only one in his team on Nero 66. A team not affiliated with the Interstellar Union Army. I still believe that Creed isn’t after the deactivation of the the All-Link but rather the possession of it. Whether it be for his own ends or because he is working for Ziggy, he will reveal his true colours once Homura reaches the All-Link system. As Rebecca attempts to deactivate the All-Link, Homura may need to assist in defending against Creed. The revelation that Creed is from the same planet as Homura is a curious one but it could be a ruse by Creed to get Homura to lower her guard around him. Creed and his presence on Nero 66 are just too suspicious. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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