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One Piece Chapter 1025 - Yamato and Luffy attack Kaido

One Piece Chapter 1025 – Yamato VS Kaido: From Chains To Bonds

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One Piece Chapter 1025 - Yamato and Luffy attack Kaido

I find it symbolic how the opponents currently standing against Kaido are those who unintentional consumed Devil Fruits. The power they attained isn’t something they sought but one derived through a twist of fate. A moment that now stands to shift the flow of the era down a different avenue as the actors within this stage fight for what they believe in. The shackles that once bound Yamato physically and mentally under Kaido’s shadow now shatters in the face of bonds connecting Yamato to a domain outside the blood flowing through him. Though a connection exist, Yamato is not Kaido and the path he traverses does not need to be the one governed by the conclusions of Kaido. Yamato is free. And he is not alone.

Kaido challenges Yamato’s rebellion with the reality of the blood that flows within Yamato and the shallowness of humanity who will see Yamato as only an extension of Kaido’s nightmare. The suffering caused by Kaido over the past two decades will remain a too large wound within the spirits of the Samurai for them to begin considering the offspring of Kaido separate from their anger, wrath and retribution. Kaido does not believe there is place within the hearts of the Wano people for acceptance of Yamato. Such a fatal perspective speaks to the mental shackles binding Kaido’s own mind. Experiences he has endured echoes through the message he seeks to brand onto Yamato’s spirit. What happened in Kaido’s past that has led him to disengage himself from trusting others? Through Kaido’s eyes, it appears all that remains in front of him is a world to break down.

Did something happen to Kaido while a member of the Rocks Pirates? And specifically, on Gods Valley when the Rocks Pirates were defeated? Was Kaido always disconnected from relations with others or was his nature warped by events that ‘opened his eyes’? When Kaido tells Yamato that ‘life isn’t a series of simple questions with simple answers’, what exactly did he mean? How rooted were his experiences in those words? Who was Kaido in the past and what were the circumstances that potentially changed him? Considering the past Kaido endured with him being captured, imprisoned and tortured, I suspect such experiences led to developing the callous perspective he now views the world through. The heart that filters the feelings he holds toward the world slowly deteriorated through each defeat, betrayal, capture, experimentation and torture. Kaido isn’t evil by nature of his existence. The past he lived, the experiences he endured, the pain he suffered, all those factors led Kaido to where he is now presently. I believe, upon Kaido’s defeat, the reasoning for his actions may become known to Yamato.

>> Theory – Kaido: The Blood of Oni

With Momonosuke detouring through the Skull dome mansion on the way to the roof, the presence of a second Dragon has become known to the occupants of the mansion and this includes the CP-0. After the concerns the CP-0 officer mentioned regarding Vegeapunk’s Artificial Devil Fruit, will they arrange the pieces together and realise that the second Dragon which appeared had consumed the Artificial Devil Fruit Vegapunk created and deemed a failure? And once Momonosuke begins to convey more of their power within their Dragon form, will the CP-0 begin to doubt the trustworthiness of Vegapunk? If so, following the Wano Kuni Arc, could Vegapunk be placed in an incredibly problematic situation that may result in an execution announcement or imprisonment? I don’t believe Vegapunk is wholly in support of the World Government and it appears the CP-0 may suspect so as well. If no side-effects for the Artificial Devil Fruit arise while the CP-0 are in Wano Kuni, their target will likely shift to Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1025 - Luffy, Momonosuke and Yamato stand against Kaido

Luffy now knows who has been keeping Kaido busy while he recovered. With the relief and gratitude he expressed, how will it affect the answer to the recommendation Yamato posed to him upon their first encounter. Seeing Momonosuke safe and Kaido held back conveys enough to Luffy for him know the strength Yamato possess, his intentions and the value he can bring to the crew. And let’s not forget the friendly relations Luffy and Yamato have developed with each other.

Three individuals have declared their intentions to Kaido and I don’t doubt each and every single one of them will be manifested. Luffy will defeat Kaido but he will have assistance from both Momonosuke and Yamato. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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