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One Piece chapter 925 - King's outfit

[Theory] One Piece – King And Rocks

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One Piece chapter 957 - The Rocks Pirates Jolly Roger

With the revelation of the Lunarian people and their ability to burst into flames, the Rocks Pirates Jolly Roger has me wondering, was Xebec D. Rocks a member of the Lunarian race? Or did he take an interest in them? The Jolly Roger representing the Rocks Pirates (and Rocks in particular) is that of a red skull that appears to be flaming. Why such imagery? With the knowledge of the Lunarian people and what they could do, that imagery can be interpreted in a curious context, one that see Rocks connected to the Lunarian people. Is this why Rocks was so interested in the secrets of the world and becoming King of it? Because he felt the status his people once held was robbed from them?

A Jolly Roger within One Piece is a representation of the crew and in particular, the Captain. The majority of the Jolly Roger’s seen in One Piece all express the appearance or theme of the Captain. The Roger’s Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates Jolly Roger reflect their Captain’s mustache. The Red Hair Pirates Jolly Roger reflects the scar across Shank’s left eye. The Big Mom Pirates and Beast Pirates have a Jolly Roger in the image of their Captains, The Kid, Hawkins, On Air, Bonney, Firetank, Fallen Monk, Spade, Foxy, and Barto Club Pirates Jolly Roger also represents their respective Captain. Even the Thriller Bark, Blackbeard, Heart, Doflamingo, Kuja, Sun, New Fishman, and Beautiful Pirates Jolly Rogers speak to a theme central to their Captains. With the Rocks Pirates, what is their Jolly Roger meant to convey about Rocks?

One Piece chapter 1023 - Marco recalls memories of Whitebeard talking about a race of gods that lived atop the Red Line in the distant past

Such a connection to an ancient race that conflicted with the Tenryuubito would explain how Rocks possessed the levels of knowledge he had of the Void Century and the secrets of the world. This relation could also come into play with the God Valley incident and why Rocks targeted it. Beyond painting Rocks as an antagonistic character, a connection to the Lunarian people and their history may provide a nuanced portrayal of his character in having justification for his actions but taking his approach too far in reaching the ends he desired. As for the World Government hiding knowledge of the Rocks Pirates and Xebec D. Rocks, it could be in addition to hiding what Rocks did, they also sought to hide what he is i.e. a member of the Lunarian race with the initial D. Rocks being Lunarian may also be how Linlin is familiar with the race when it appears their very presence has been erased from the records of the world – going by Marco’s memories of Whitebeard’s drunken ramblings.

The similarities between the skull symbol King wears and the Jolly Roger of the Rocks Pirates also has my interest piqued. Sure King’s skull symbol isn’t flaming but there is a familiarity. Is there meaning behind that? Or nothing at all? Sure if could be nothing but it could also be something. Considering King is a member of the Lunarian race and a subordinate of Kaido, there may exist an intimate connection to Rocks. Is King related to Rocks and as such a member of the D clan too? How did Kaido and King meet? Did there encounter each other on Gods Valley?

One Piece chapter 925 - King's outfit

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