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Edens Zero chapter 157 - Laguna and Ijuna encounter each other

Edens Zero Chapter 157 – Laguna And Ijuna: Oasis

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Edens Zero chapter 157 - Laguna and Ijuna encounter each other

And so they meet. An encounter destined to manifest from the moment the existence of the Oasis Princess was first revealed. The circumstances surrounding her perceived death was not only suspicious but foreshadowing toward this moment. I have championed this encounter and supported Laguna’s role in turning Ijuna into an ally. Ijuna may appear antagonistic but the manner of her actions seem directed toward an end which she conceded would justify her means. Ijuna was not in support of Shura but rather awaiting an opportunity to exact the revenge boiling within her. While physically close to Shura, she emotionally distanced herself from him. All her efforts tempered the axe she wishes to bring down on Shura’s head. Laguna will not only melt the ice freezing her heart and soul but reconnect the thread of family submerged under that ocean of hatred that has frozen over. The clouds of anger blocking the warmth from reaching Ijuna will dissipate allowing the light of joy and freedom to shine through once again. Her Oasis is not lost.

Ijuna was likely captured by Shura in the past and as a result of being alone and surrounded by enemies, she made a choice. We will come to learn the suffering she endured since that moment and how it lead to her now encountering Laguna. I mentioned this in my chapter 140 post and I still believe this is likely what happened concerning Ijuna and her encounter with Shura before in the past:

“The Princess was not killed. And further, it will be revealed that Ijuna is the Princess of the Oasis Rebellion. The corpse Ibaraki mentioned was likely a stand-in for Ijuna. Shura may have believed the person he killed was the Princess of the Oasis Rebellion. Shura likely captured Ijuna when she attempted to save the rebellion troops that were caught. I wonder if Ijuna at one point had long hair and in order to steel her resolve after being captured, she cut it short.”

Edens Zero Chapter 140 – Entering The Battlefield
Edens Zero chapter 157 - Sister and Hermit ready for battle

This chapter confirms that Ijuna had long hair in the past and I suspect she did cut it short after joining the Imperial Army to steel her resolve for what she needs to do going forward. There is a reason why Ijuna is Shura’s secretary and why she remained callous around him. Ijuna wants to kill Shura. Such an intention and darkness will be explored in her conflict with Laguna and presumably characterised into emotions Ijuna will come to express to Laguna. The feeling of abandonment Ijuna feels surrounding Laguna’s actions in the past will also play a role in laying bare the feelings the two have kept bottled up inside. Anger, hatred, sadness, affection, regret, love; all those emotions will cascade alongside each other as the two exchange blows and oppose each other. A moment will be reached though where the hearts of Ijuna and Laguna become connected.

Ijuna isn’t destined for sorrow and tragedy, her story will converge with Laguna’s and extend beyond the darkness currently enveloping her. Ijuna will come to help the Edens crew and assist in Witch’s rescue and the prevention of the All-Link system destroying all the Androids within the Aoi Cosmos. The question that will be the most interesting to have an answer to is whether Ijuna wishes to remain within the Aoi Cosmos after these events or whether her sights are set beyond the Cosmos and into the ever expanding reaches of space. Will Laguna remain with Ijuna in the Aoi Cosmos or will Ijuna travel with Laguna aboard the Edens Zero? The former seems more plausible considering the focus on Laguna abandoning the Oasis Rebellion in the past but the latter would also be an existing direction to see the story head toward.

Edens Zero chapter 157 - Rebecca and Shiki affected by Ijuna's Red String of Destiny

Coachpo’s dialogue within this chapter was incredibly curious. Was that just the manner in which she speaks or is there a deeper meaning behind how she presented her words? Could Couchpo be more than just a food-themed content creator? Her argument of believing in Shiki was on point. It instantaneously disarmed the anger overwhelming Sister and Hermit. Why was she so concerned about their actions and how exactly did she know how to convince Sister and Hermit to drop their drive for vengeance? The level of wisdom expressed through Coachpo’s words within this chapter has me seriously wondering if she is truly mortal or something more….ancient. Even the way she addresses Witch and Shiki has me wondering if she is a young adult not to mention the lack of fear Coachpo possesses in regards to going against an entire Cosmos. Such aspects of Coachpo’s character is incredibly curious. Could a twist arise centered around Coachpo being more than what has revealed herself to be? Within such a fantastical world that Edens Zero has built up, there is room for such a twist. If the Edens Zero crew can’t stop the All-Link from activating (whether it is to destroy or convert the androids), would this be where Coachpo reveals who she really is? The handling of Coachpo as a comic relief character could be a guise.

Ijuna’s Red String of Destiny ability being used on Rebecca and Shiki may cause lasting effects for the two going forward. Whether it is a more truthful perspective of their heart or a seed of darkness planted in it. Such a development may not be just swept aside and forgotten but rather mined and explored further down the line as the relationship between Rebecca and Shiki is tested and traversed. Such as how the relationship between Ijuna and Laguna is currently being covered. The actions of the past and their feelings will impact how the two move forward from here. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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