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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 88 - Team Natsu defeat Alta Face

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 85-89 – Team Natsu VS Alta Face

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 88 - Team Natsu defeat Alta Face

The cause of the danger leading Elentir to the brink had less to do with Selene directly affecting it and more to do with the distortion she created indirectly amplifying a problem that already existed from ancient times on Elentir. The issue was in the form of Alta Face that throw the equilibrium of magic and life into imbalance. Selene was likely unaware of the exact specifics behind the imbalance but she sensed the effects of her distortion and relished in its potential for destruction. An event of amusement piquing the intrigue of a Dragon existing beyond the rationality of mortals. With Alta Face defeated and the balance of Elentir on the path to restoration, what now will come of the world and in particular, Selene. Will she revisit the world or will her concerns deviate toward the consumption of vengeance?

Considering the ease with which Alta Face was dispatched relative to the significance to the history of Elentir, I almost feel sorry for it. I understand Alta Face wasn’t the primary antagonist within the arc as that was Selene but with the importance it had to Elentir’s fate, it did deserve more than two chapters of focus – a third chapter would have helped. I wonder if the 100 Years Quest team were worried about stagnating the story too much with excessive focus on Alta Face. I also understand that Alta Face was up against five SS rank mages who were juiced up on super magic and the cheat code called Irene but even still, the battle could have been constructed to be more thrilling. Were the 100 Years Quest team intentionally going for a quick and one-sided battle? Was Alta Face always meant to be inconsequential? From the way it was handled, it does appear so. I would have liked Alta Face to be more threatening given its impact on the world of Elentir but I am also not that saddened as the moment was covered relatively quickly and we received a great scene from Wendy. That Team Natsu spread after destroying Alta Face was glorious as well.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 88 - Irene assist Wendy against Alta Face

Wendy and Irene’s interactions were fantastic. I love how Irene has become a mentor to Wendy and in a sense, somewhat of a mother. Irene may not be aware of it yet, but what she was unable to do for Erza, she is now able to do through her interactions with Wendy. Irene has a wealth of knowledge concerning magic, spells, the world and enchants and it is completely heartening to see her converse with a like-minded individual who is willing to absorb her teachings and experience with an open mind and heart. Wendy has moved past what Irene did to her during the battle against Zeref and Acnologia and right now accepts her. The perspective Wendy has is an incredibly unique one when it comes to Irene and Erza as she is intimate and close with both. Wendy will be key in bridging the gap between Irene and Erza when the moment arrives to see the two encounter each other again. Through Wendy, Irene can observe the growth of her daughter and the type of person Erza really is. Concerning the choices Erza makes going forward, it may even help Irene come to a realisation and an acceptance of herself. Undoubtedly, when Irene meets Erza again, it will be completely different from how the previous reunion went down. Irene will be ready to be a mother to Erza. I wonder how Irene would react to Jellal – I think she would approve of him. Irene could even get hope from Jellal’s situation – after everything she has done, maybe Erza can even forgive her. Ultimately, I love the student and mentor dynamic going on with Wendy and Irene.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 86 - Selene reveals her connection to Kurnugi

Selene having children and one of them being killed by the Guild Master of Diablos and eaten by Suzaku creates a very curious path forward for her character. Yes, she is currently injured by Suzaku and appears to be a pinch but I don’t believe Suzaku will kill her. Something may happen to cause Suzaku to reevaluate his position and perspective of Dragons and possibly the idea of killing Selene who he is not totally unrelated to. By eating Kurnugi, he not only gained his power but possibly also memories or feelings of Kurnugi. Something will trigger inside Suzaku to stop him from wanting to kill Selene, the mother of Kurnugi. There is also a story behind Selene that seems set-up to be told. She was likely not always the destruction-seeking Dragon but events occurred to lead her toward such a path. Her feelings for her children signifies how important family was to her and how angered she is at her children being hurt. Beyond her desire for destruction her motherly spirit still shines through. Armed now with the knowledge that the Diablos Guild Master killed her son, I really do wonder if she will drop everything to attain revenge. Diablos is the enemy of Fairy Tail and a deeply seeded one at that within 100 Years Quest, so it makes ones wonder how the paths of Fairy Tail, Diablos and Selene will collide.

After Selene warped to a different dimension and Suzaku followed, it is only a matter of time before Team Natsu finds themselves within such a world. Whether it directly follow the Elentir Arc or in a following arc, it does seem possible that Team Natsu will have to leave Earthland again. Given that Selene is the Moon Dragon, could the Moon be in play? Or a Moon? At the very least, I don’t see this being the last we see of Elentir. Faris is still a Fairy Tail member and unlike what happened with Mystogun, she didn’t expressly leave. Plus Touka can teleport between worlds and connect Fairy Tail to the world of Elentir.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 89 - Natsu thanks Faris

During Natsu thanking Faris, I was half expecting that to be her farewell from Fairy Tail in a similar manner to how the Mystogun and Natsu moment went down before they left Edolas. Technically Faris is still a Fairy Tail member which is very interesting. Will she return to Fairy Tail with Touka and hang out or contribute in a future arc alongside the rest of the members? Faris and Touka are a Human and Exceed pair so it would make sense to keep them relevant going forward. Faris isn’t a Dragon Slayer but she is a type of mage uncommon within Earthland – a white mage.

With the Elentir story over, I am very interested to see where the story heads from here. Selene and Suzaku’s whereabouts were teased at the end so the natural path forward is their story but I wonder if that will be saved for later. The story could change things up and focus on Diablos or the Fourth Generation of Dragon Slayers that a certain nation has developed. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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