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One Piece chapter 1022 - Zoro and Sanji VS King and Queen

One Piece Chapter 1022 – Zoro & Sanji VS King & Queen: Wings

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One Piece chapter 1022 - Zoro and Sanji VS King and Queen

The Wano Kuni Arc is building up as the representation of the Straw Hat Pirates message to the world. Once Kaido is defeated and Big Mom obstructed, the world will know in no uncertain terms that the Straw Hat Pirates have achieved what no one before them have. They challenged the Yonko and won. Ever since the great Pirate Age began and the Yonko were formed, none of them were completely defeated. Whitebeard died but he didn’t lose, not really. What Whitebeard set in motion will ultimately result in the downfall of the World Government. Luffy and the wings that support him will undoubtedly become the Pirates closest to the One Piece once Kaido is defeated and they acquires the third Road Poneglyph.

The Straw Hat Pirates will accomplish a feat truly monumental. After challenging the Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom, they will reign victorious over the Beast Pirates. Since the inception of the Pirate Age, the only Yonko that has lost their position was Whitebeard but considering the damage the White Beard Pirates did to Marineford and the age Whitebeard inspired by emboldening pirates, it is arguably if the Marines and by extension, the World Government truly won. The World Government seek to keep secrets they wish buried hidden in the past away from the focus of the world but Whitebeard’s final speech made that impossible. The World Government’s spiral downward will be in no small part because of Whitebeard’s action in Marineford on that day. And lets not forget that the Marines, the police force of the world, used all their power to hold the Whitebeard Pirates back. No other Yonko has been defeated before let alone challenged in the manner the Beast Pirates currently are by the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. Luffy has taken the fight to Kaido in his own territory. Kaido’s defeat will signal Luffy’s extreme danger in the eyes of the World Government.

One Piece chapter 1022 - King and Queen target the Beast Pirate deserters

The World Government will come to realise Luffy is the man able to defeat an entity they themselves were unable to completely defeat after decades. Luffy will not only win the battle against Kaido but shatter the very outlook Kaido has on the world and possibly redefine it. Physically, mentally and spiritually, Kaido will be bested by Luffy. All of the Beast Pirate executives will be crushed and the rest of the organisation dissembled. The Tobi Roppo have been taken out, the SMILE users have been pacified by Tama, and the Pleasures and Waiters have turned on Queen. The Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi will eventually also turn their backs on the Beast Pirates – this could happen when Kiyoshi shows up with Hiyori. Orochi may not be completely dead yet and could react to Hiyori’s appearance but his position as Shogun is lost. The realisation of how deceived he was by Hiyori may direct Orochi down the path of self-destruction i.e. letting his Orochi no Yamata go berserk and/or using the weaponry produced in Wano as tools to destroy it.

Hawkins scheme of using Kid’s life to dissuade Killer from attacking him screams of desperation. Hawkins is aware of how weak he is and in an attempt to paralyze Killer mentally, he has constructed such a scenario. Whether it would work is a question that may not be answered in the way Hawkins predicts. The one way the curse/hex can be removed is through Hawkins removing it willfully which at present seems impossible though one has to keep in mind the main reason Hawkins is currently in opposition with the Samurai rebellion is not because of his loyalty to the Beast Pirates but due to his desire for survival. Hawkins’s followed the fates divinated by his cards which led him to where he is at currently. Hawkins has aware of Killer’s superiority in terms of strength and knows that Killer can defeat him if Killer forsakes the life of his captain. Such an impasse foreshadows a potential development and change for Hawkins. If the only way for Kid’s life to be spared is for Killer to lose or for Hawkins to remove the curse/hex, the latter may end up coming to pass. Hawkins believes the Beast Pirates won’t lose but as events stand, it is only a matter of time until King, Queen, Jack and Kaido are defeated. I suspect as the All Stars are defeated, Hawkins will come to reevaluate his position and path forward, which may ultimately involve turning on the Beast Pirates. Hawkins could be the one to remove the curse/hex he placed on Kid.

One Piece chapter 1022 - Hawkins's uses Kid's life to dissuade Killer from attacking him

The expectation of Sanji and Zoro taking on Queen and King has come to pass and I am glad such a moment has arrived. The strongest members of the Beast Pirates behind Kaido taking on the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates behind Luffy. It was an inevitability that such a match-up would happen. Queen and King are about to find out how mistaken they were in their assessment of the Straw Hat Pirates and how blinded they were by their own arrogance and ignorance. Marco is aware of it and knows that with Sanji and Zoro there, he can rest and sit this fight out.

Thanks to Marco, we now also have more information on the race King belongs to – ‘people atop the Red Wall who could burst into flames’. What Marco calls the Red Wall is likely the Red Line. Even though this race was recently introduced, their story could be quite consequential in what is currently taking place in the world.

>> [Analysis] The Race That Existed Atop The Red Line

Nekomamushi interrupting Perospero from killing someone is the second time a Mink has done that. With Perospero catching the furor of Nekomamushi, he won’t have the opportunity to focus on anyone else. What will be curious is whether Nekomamushi will literally take the fight outside and knock Perospero back to where he defeated Wanda and Carrot. If so, I can see those two joining in on the fight against Perospero. Nekomamushi may even provide further clarification to Carrot about the Dawn which Pedro put his life on the line to see realised.

As for Yamato, the World Government will also come to know of a new presence that wasn’t broken by Kaido. For there to be an individual who resisted being broken for two decades by Kaido, an existence whom the World Government couldn’t break, the World Government would not be in any position to ignore such a person. And if Yamato joins the Straw Hat Pirates, the World Government will be even more concerned about the crew. The message Luffy leaves after Wano Kuni will only be underlined with Yamato’s recruitment.

One Piece chapter 1022 - Raizo declares the resolve the Akazaya Samurai hold

Kaido resistance to Yamato allying with Luffy only cements Yamato’s chances of being a Straw Hat Nakama. Kaido holds an interest in Joy Boy but does not believe Luffy is him which is entirely contrary to what will come to pass in One Piece. Luffy IS carrying on Joy Boy’s will. Kaido doesn’t recognise it yet but he will. And when such a moment arrives, the resolve Yamato holds in wanting to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates will manifest in Kaido a certain level of pride. What he failed to see was apparent in the eyes of his child. And what he sought, he may pass on to Yamato to indirectly fulfill.

Luffy defeating Kaido and the Beast Pirates with his allies is similar to Roger defeating the Rocks Pirates on God Valley by allying with Garp. Once news of Kaido’s defeat reaches the World Government, the target of their justice will be directed toward the Straw Hat Pirates and those that assisted him in throwing the world further into chaos. Very much looking forward to the next chapter!

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