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Edens Zero Chapter 155 - Kris and Kleene, the winds of Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 155 – Kris & Kleene VS Callum & Lyra: Winds Of Eden

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Edens Zero Chapter 155 - Kris and Kleene, the winds of Edens Zero

The desire to grab ahold of the future present before them. The desire to continue being free. The desire to protect the home they have found. The Rutherford siblings have come to cherish the space in the cosmos they have found themselves in. And driven by the happiness they have experienced, they resolve to use their wind to uplift their comrades and carry the Edens forward into future they wish to be a part of. In the face of such spirits, Callum and Lyra can do little to exploit their Ether and ultimately succumbed to the weakness born from their hubris. A weakness steeped in their reliance over manipulating their opponents Ether.

Kris has come to realise the bond he had with Callum and why what he felt on the day Callum left created such an uneasiness inside him. Callum was Kris’s rival, someone Kris was never able to beat, but Callum was also a source of inspiration and a friend to Kris. Only after understanding the words Shiki shared with him was Kris able to understand what Callum was to him – his very first friend and his very first rival. Centered on his desire to protect the Edens Zero and to defeat Callum, Kris brought himself back from the state of mist and regained physical form. Nullifying Callum’s mist allowed Kris to create an opportunity in which his attack could land. Together with Kleene, who also holds the desire to protect Edens Zero, they defeat Callum and Lyra.

Once Lyra lost the use of her cards, she could do little to combat Kleene further. Lyra relied on cheating and disrupting her opponents Ether. The success of such methods led her to believe she was strong yet behind the haphazard application of her Ether, she was but a shallow mind abusing the little power she held. Through her current defeats (both Lucy and Kleene), hopefully it becomes clear to Lyra that she needs to rethink her perception of the world and her life. Beyond acting as an enforcer to a corrupt Empire and a superficial idol genuinely unappreciated by the general Aoi Cosmos, she now has the opportunity to path her own future. One not exploited by self-serving minds.

Kris and Kleene’s awaken forms were spectacular. Not only did such a transformation represent their shared desire to protect the Edens Zero and their comrades but it also conveyed their intention to leave their tragic past behind and to move forward into the future together with the family they have found themselves with. The contrast of light & dark and angel & demon were both symbolic and fitting of their journey. They were introduced as enemies of the Edens Zero and now find themselves as allies. Kris and Kleene have embraced who they are and declared where they wish to go. It wouldn’t be wrong to even overlap the imagery of the ying-yang symbol with their transformed states. It was an iconic and beautiful moment. I really loved it.

Kris had entered his Over Drive state given the Dark Ether coating him prior to his transformation but with Kleene, did she enter her Over Drive state? Or was that merely her release of Ether than transformed her as well? There was an absence of Dark Ether coating Kleene in a cocoon-like form prior to her transformation which does lead me to believe that she has not used her Over Drive yet. Sure, Callum did connect Nasseh’s message to Kris’s Over Drive form but that does not necessarily apply to Kleene. Having Kleene’s Over Drive saved for a later time would also help highlight such an achieved for Kleene equally to the other Over Drive reveals – Shiki, Homura, Weisz and Kris. Instead of being overshadowed by her brothers, I feel Kleene will have her own moment to showcase her Over Drive transformation and state at a later time in the future when the story requires her to push past her limits to defeat her opponent. A moment in which her internal feelings and thoughts are highlighted and explored. Kleene’s current transformation looks spectacular and is likely a teaser for her inevitable Over Drive form.

Edens Zero Chapter 155 - The mysterious Ijuna begins to move

Ijuna’s appearance and dialogue at the end of the chapter was incredibly curious. Why was it seeped in a deep level of malice? I am of the mind that Ijuna is the Oasis Rebellion Princess that the Rebellion believe died. Shura encountered her and forced her to serve him. Unbeknownst to Shura, Ijuna may have played the broken Princess in order to remain close to him until a moment of opportunity arises in which she can exact her vengeance. Ijuna does not have much love for the Oceans and I believe also for the rest of the Imperial Army. When Ijuna derides the Oceans as being as useless as the rest of them, the ‘rest of them’ portion could be referring to the Imerpial Army. Or was she referring to the Edens Zero or the Oasis Rebellion or another party altogether? Ijuna’s allegiance has been kept suspiciously vague but what has been notable is her immense attention to her composure, words and actions when in the presence of Shura. Ijuna is observing the events unfolding around the Nero 66 facility which implies an interest in the attack against the Poseidon Nero Empire.

Laguna has been kept in the background for specific reasons and I believe his encounter with Ijuna is one of them. Eventually Laguna and Ijuna will meet and Laguna will realise who Ijuna really is. I wonder though if Ijuna will be the same person Laguna remembers or whether the years they were a part changed Ijuna into someone more callous and direct in their war against their enemies (Shura and Nero). If this is the case, will Laguna serve the role of helping bring Ijuna back from the darkness she has enveloped herself in? By silencing her heart, Ijuna believed she could become the shadow of vengeance against the Empire that took so much from the people of the Aoi Cosmos. I am incredibly intrigued by Ijuna’s story and how she fits in with everything – did she use her Ether Gear on herself? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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