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Edens Zero chapter 152 - Rebecca chooses her card

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Edens Zero Chapter 152 – Rebecca VS Lyra: Card Manipulation

Edens Zero chapter 152 - Rebecca chooses her card

What should be chance and a test of psychology instead colours itself in an unnerving air of fabrication. Rebecca’s attempts to out-play Lyra within the Lost Card Game falls deftly within the scope of Lyra’s narration. The notion of ‘game’ within the title is a laughable misrepresentation of the actual events ongoing. There is little fair play being had. The only losses Lyra suffers are those chosen by her to construct a ‘game’ that invokes a hollow reverberation of entertainment. Beyond the misleading setting of the game, Ether Powers are deceptively used behind the scenes to design the outcome sought. The particular game and rule-set were chosen by Lyra for reason rather than a physical bout. Outside of combat, Lyra’s abilities more than likely benefits from such structure. With Rebecca introduced to such a possibility, how will she exercise her observations into her deductions? The revelation that Lyra lost once conveys that the Lost Card isn’t unbeatable. If anyone can fight a route to victory in such a game, it is Rebecca (and Happy).

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