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One Piece chapter 1019 - Yamato within his Hybrid Devil Fruit form VS Kaido

One Piece Chapter 1019 – Franky VS Sasaki: Unforeseen

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One Piece chapter 1019 - Franky uses Radical Beam on Sasaki

Franky has certainly primed himself into a formidable force with the advancements of his research and application of his passion. It was by no means a pretty win for Franky but a win regardless. General Franky was damaged. Franken Blade was broken. Frank’s cola has been depleted. But Sasaki now lies unconscious on the floor bested by Franky. Another of the Beast Pirates Tobi Roppo has been defeated and only one more remains (not including Drake and discounting Page One returning to the fight).

We finally get confirmation that Yamato has consumed a Devil Fruit. not by intention though and not through Kaido’s schemes. It was accidental due to Yamato’s hunger. similar to how Luffy consumed his Gomu Gomu no Mi where he sought to alleviate his frustration through eating. It is almost certain that Yamato’s Devil Fruit is of the Zoan Mythical kind considering Kaido’s comment of mentioning how much effort it took him to procure the Devil Fruit Yamato consumed.

One Piece chapter 1019 - Yamato within his Hybrid Devil Fruit form VS Kaido

Yamato’s Hybrid Beast Form looks similar to a fox, Faun or Qilin (Kirin). Considering the relationship the Qilin shares with the Dragon (and Phoenix) within mythology, the Devil Fruit Yamato possesses is likely the Mythical Qilin model. Kaido’s annoyance of Yamato possessing the Devil Fruit supports the possibility that the Devil Fruit is a Mythical variant. Or is it a special Paramecia? Or some other type of special Devil Fruit that is not a Zoan Devil Fruit? The omission by Oda-sensei to reveal the exact type of Yamato’s Devil Fruit is very suspicious. I wonder if Oda-sensei will delve into the story behind Kaido’s acquisition of the Devil Fruit or at least hint at how Kaido acquired it. Could Kaido have stolen it from the Marines/World Government during one of his captures. If so, did Kaido intentionally get caught and suffer as a prisoner in order to create the opportunity that led to him acquiring the Devil Fruit? A deeper story behind Yamato’s Devil Fruit can create a more relevant role for him within the One Piece story beyond the Wano Kuni Arc.

Oda is focusing on Yamato in snippets and accomplishing much with the minimal pages Yamato gets throughout the chapters. Once the Straw Hat Pirates battles against the Tobi Roppo and All Stars are dealt with, the focus can shift wholly back to Kaido and Yamato. More domestic pent-up feelings need to be released from Kaido and Yamato before a resolution between their stories can be reached, especially when this encounter is the main one they had since the Wano Kuni Arc began. Both father and son are ready to bear their wishes to each other. Eventually, I expect Kaido to comes to term with Yamato’s decision. Be it when Kaido is defeated by Luffy, or when Yamato’s belief in Luffy substantiates itself upon Luffy’s arrival, or when Luffy accepts Yamato, or when Yamato reaches Laugh Tale with the Straw Hat Pirates, Kaido will come to appreciate Yamato as his child.

One Piece chapter 1019 - Franky VS Sasaki

Sasaki’s application of his Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops was borderline ridiculous. I did not expect Artillery imagery to be used alongside a Dinosaur Devil Fruit (Helicopters, Bullets, Magnums). That Heliceratops ability that allowed Sasaki to fly was both genius and awkwardly comical. Sasaki’s attack style within his Hybrid form caught me completely off-guard. I understand Franky’s shock. I love how in response, Franky used every trick he had in his arsenal to guard, evade and counter Sasaki. Despite the power Sasaki wielded, his obliviousness to Franky’s form and attacks left massive blind-spots for Franky to exploit.

That moment when Franky mentions he is not good with swords was hilarious – what would Zoro say in response to that? But with Frankensword being cut in two, I wonder if Franky will get an upgrade for his blade now. With Franky being able to pilot a Mecha, I wonder if Franky can design a Mecha the size of an Ancient Giant and use the blade currently entrenched in Onigashima Island. That blade will inevitably come in play later as it always in the background when Onigashima Island is shown. The placement is intentional by Oda-sensei almost as it he wants the readers to keep that blade in mind as the story progresses. If a Giant isn’t going to wield it, why not a Straw Hat Pirate? And why not the one who can pilot a giant Mecha? If Franky acquires that blade and learns to use it effectively, he will become more powerful. I also wonder if Franky can develop a construct that shrink items such as that blade to a more manageable size.

One Piece chapter 1019 -Yamato's Hybrid Devil Fruit form

With Yamato mentioning Oden to Kaido again, how will Kaido react this time? After all it was Kaido who executed Oden with the intention of ending his story but ironically such an act has ignited a fire within Yamato that keeps the will and story of Oden alive. Kaido thought he bested Oden but ultimately it was Oden who left a bigger mark on that day twenty years ago. Similar to how Roger used his execution by the Marines against the World Government, Oden has done the same for Kaido (and Orochi). Great chapter. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and learning about Yamato’s Devil Fruit, its history and whether there will be another flashback for Yamato during his battle against his father.

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