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Edens Zero chapter 151 - Lyra reveals the ominous nature of the Lost Card Game

Edens Zero Chapter 151 – Rebecca VS Lyra: Lost Card Game

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Edens Zero chapter 151 - Lyra reveals the ominous nature of the Lost Card Game

A game setting that seemingly extends into horror with the apparent structure set-up by Lyra. Beyond the obvious appeal of the initial rules, would the Aoi Cosmos audience really consider the loss of limbs an act of entertainment? Surely not. Which implies that the meaning Rebecca interpreted Lyra’s words as may not have been their exact meaning. The word that Lyra used that triggered Rebecca’s traumatic experience from her consciousness travel moment before was the word ‘lost’. Did Lyra intend to convey the destruction of her body or something else? When Lyra mentions ‘lost’, could she be expressing something less permanent? What Rebecca is envisioning isn’t exactly what Lyra has in mind.

Substance has been given to Rebecca’s experience in the future timeline. The terror erupting from the loss of her legs has created a sensitive spot in Rebecca’s mind that has now reacted to the Lost Card Game which Rebecca believes could be the moment in which her legs are lost. Lyra may have implied a sinister meaning through the words she used but I don’t suspect the Lost Card Game to be as brutal as conveyed. Lyra planted the seed of fear inside Rebecca’s mind and Rebecca has watered it with her despair. Regardless of whether the moment Rebecca loses her legs is in this arc or a future one, the story has already found a way incorporate the experience Rebecca has had in the future and combine it with the events taking place in the current arc.

Edens Zero chapter 151 - Rebecca accepts Lyra's challenge

The fear Rebecca feels will cloud her judgement and potentially affect how she handles the pressure moments during the game when clarity is instead needed. If Rebecca becomes too consumed by the terror of losing her legs, she will be unable to focus on overcoming Lyra. Rebecca is obviously intelligent and analytical but such characteristics can be overwhelmed by strong emotions such as fear. The relevance of the future encounter Rebecca had is beginning to establish itself. It will be curious to learn whether Lyra intended to invoke such anxiety within Rebecca through her dialogue or whether Rebecca’s reaction is an unfortunate one due to timing.

Is Lyra serious about the loser of the Lost Card Game losing part of their body when they lose? If she is though, what does she mean when she uses the word lose? Will the body part be cut off? Will her Ether Gear take ownership of the body part? Or will the body part be exchanged for another body part? Is this what happened to Lyra’s eye? The discolouration between her eyes is the result of her losing one of her eyes? Or was mention of losing body parts a ruse to psychologically knock Rebecca off balance? Lyra did praise Rebecca’s conviction before mentioning the horrific nature of the game.

Edens Zero chapter 151 - Callum intercepts Shiki

Shiki’s arrival was great. Not only did it help bring Rebecca back to her senses but it also provided Rebecca with a path to move forward on. The encounter Rebecca had in the future not only contained traumatic memories but also ones of warmth where Shiki held her to comfort her. Rebecca needs to win to both free herself from the explosive binding (if it is real) and to save Witch. Edens Zero is like family to Rebecca and she doesn’t intend to go losing any of her family any time soon. I expect Rebecca to use both her abilities and analytical skills to overcome Lyra.

One fascinating aspect about the Lost Game with Rebecca’s abilities is how Lyra will proceed using her abilities. Lyra likely has the ability to change the cards she draws to give herself the best outcome. On top of that, Lyra may also have the ability to affect her opponents Ether. More than psychological manipulation, Rebecca needs to watch out for other tactics Lyra may employ. Such as Lyra changing the flow of Rebecca’s Ether. Rebecca also needs to make sure she only reveals her card after Lyra to reduce the ability Lyra has to manipulate either of their cards.

Turning to Callum, his reaction to Nasseh’s desperation as the Edens team having the ability to go Overdrive was amusing. But I’m sure he got how serious the situation is, which is why he personally went to take on Shiki. Consistent with the other members of the Oceans 6, Callum likely has the ability to influence his opponents Ether. Shiki being marked and knocked down the stadium is probably due to Callum to using or reflecting Shiki’s Ether against him. I suspect in order for Shiki to defeat Callum, he will need to apply more precise control over his Gravity Gear, to the point where Callum’s mark isn’t able to influence it.

Edens Zero chapter 151 - Justice advises Eraser that Jaguar has gone after Nero

Milani’s response to Nasseh’s chat has me intrigued. What does she intend to do now with her defeat to Homura? Milani no longer intends to stop the Edens team but does she also intend to help them? Will Milani work towards righting the wrongs she was party to when indirectly supporting Shura and Nero? I expected her to assist Homura going forward but with Homura left alone to encounter Creed from the Interstellar Union Army, it appears that Milani has chosen to work alone herself.

Homura meeting Creed again created some curious possibilities. Will the Interstellar Union Army target the Edens team again or will they work together with the Edens team to stop Shura. And what about Nero, what did Justice mean when he said Jaguar took the main force to stop Nero’s ambitions? How vast does Nero’s ambitions extend and will his story last beyond the Aoi Cosmos Arc? Ziggy is also after Nero, so Nero may be dealt with within this arc by Ziggy. As for Justice, will he shift his focus to Elsie once Jaguar confirms her presence to where Ziggy is. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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