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Edens Zero chapter 150 - Weisz defeats Nasseh

Edens Zero Chapter 150 – Weisz VS Nasseh: Architect

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Edens Zero chapter 150 - Weisz defeats Nasseh

It’s easy to forget that Weisz existed in a different time from the current one and that he is in fact an incredible genius. Weisz’s casual and crude demeanor belies his actual aptitude. I don’t blame Nasseh for being fooled by Weisz and not expecting such capabilities. Nasseh genuinely underestimated Weisz and got burned for it.

All the while Nasseh thought he had Weisz on he ropes, it was actually Weisz who was preparing his battlefield for his finishing move. The overwhelming power the Aoi Empire seemingly held constructed the mental narrative within Nasseh that the Sea Devil was unstoppable. Ironically, in contrast to Nasseh’s comments about the current kids not knowing the wonders of the past, it was Nasseh who conveyed himself the kid by overestimating his abilities and disrespecting his opponent. There was no discipline shown by Nasseh. He believed he was powerful, so he thought he was powerful. Are the rest of the youths within the Oceans 6 that deluded by the might of the Aoi Cosmos? Including Lyra?

Edens Zero chapter 150 - Rebecca in a bunny suit

With Lyra, the desire to exhibit her match against Rebecca throughout the Aoi Cosmos is such a curious development. Why though? Why does Lyra feel the need to publicly defeat Rebecca? Rebecca was at her mercy just before when hypnotized. If Lyra wanted, she could have weakened the Edens Zero attack by taking out Rebecca. Is Lyra that sure of her victory that she cannot imagine losing to Rebecca even if such a tournament context has been created? Sure Rebcca may not know Lyra’s abilities but Lyra herself is also oblivious to Rebecca’s powers. With so many unknown variables in play, how can Lyra feel so certain? Is it overconfidence, the same kind that led to Nasseh’s defeat? Unless Lyra is secretly looking to help the Edens Zero group or she cares little for the Aoi Empire’s continued rule (which may be the case), it seems that Lyra is also plagued by hubris.

Lost Card, why does such a name give off ominous vibes? Coupled with Lyra’s apparent intention to turn her match into a spectacle, what does Lyra seek to have Rebecca endure? And does the future timeline hint toward Edens Zero’s fall in the current arc or in a future arc against another antagonist? Could it be Poseidon Nero? Considering Nero holds the same title as Drakken Joe, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nero also push Edens Zero where Rebecca is forced to use her powers to prevent the worst possible future.

Edens Zero chapter 150 - Rebecca challenged by Lyra

If Lyra isn’t as loyal to the Aoi Empire as other soldiers, it would make sense why she is behaving in such a manner. For her own personal interest and enjoyment, she has created the current set up for her battle against Rebecca. It will be interesting to see Lyra’s reaction when she loses or realises what Rebecca is capable of. Would this lead to Lyra wanting to injure Rebcca’s legs? The inclusion of Lyra’s focus on Rebecca’s legs and the future timeline Rebecca jumped to don’t appear to be coincidental. A connection has been established and will likely be developed on.

Rebecca’s comment about future Shiki was amusing. Further support for shipping the two. Future Shiki did have that Fairy Tail Mest look to him. Future Shiki also seems to understand the power Rebecca wields and what she is capable of doing. Can reset time Shiki use his gravity powers to pull experiences or memories from a different timeline Shiki? It will be very interesting to see what events led to Rebecca’s legs being injured and how Rebecca uses the knowledge she now has to avoid following the path that the future timeline threaded on. With the Rebecca VS Lyra battle broadcast throughout the Aoi Cosmos, will Nero come to be interested in Rebecca, or more accurately, in the power she wields? Nero does strike me as someone who may know about powers that can bend reality through its association with space and time. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Edens Zero chapter 150 - Colour cover spread

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