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One Piece chapter 1018 - Jinbe VS Who's-Who

One Piece Chapter 1018 – Jinbe VS Who’s Who: The Heart Of A Fish-Man

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One Piece chapter 1018 - Jinbe VS Who's-Who

What a exhilarating display of power, technique and composure by Jinbe. I am left in awe. To handle the six forms of the Cipher Pol secret arts and to defend, evade and then counter them. Jinbe is a master for a reason. Who’s Who has been utterly bested. The battle is over but Who’s Who will not be killed by Jinbe as the CP-0 expect. And unbeknownst to the CP-0, there are others present on Onigashima that possess more dangerous knowledge of the secrets hidden in the past that the World Government wishes kept buried (Momonosuke, Yamato, Kaido and Robin).

Jinbe is such a tank! It clear now why Oda-sensei had to wait until this point in the story for Jinbe to officially join the Straw Hat Pirates. If Jinbe was present during the Punk Hazard and Dressrosa Arcs, the Straw Hat Pirates would have been too strong. Tension would have been lessened and not even Doflamingo would have been as challenging as he was.

The soft spot Who’s Who agitated triggered Jinbe who could not not respond to Who’s Who’s generalisation of Fish-Man and their history. The history of Fish-Man embodies more than slavery, it also conveys the struggles a group of people endured when pursuing a path that would lead to a brighter and more peaceful future. The slavery of Fish-Man by humans divided the two races and enriched the mentality of antagonism within certain Fish-Man that came to spread through the shadowed regions of Fish-Man Island. At the same time as Fish-Man like Otohime existed, other Fish-Man like Arlong, Hody and their supporters also existed.

One Piece chapter 1018 - Jinbe unleashes on Who's-Who

Jinbe knows the sacrifices that had to be made to get Fish-Man to the political, social and legal status they now have. And he understands that Fish-Man are more than their history which is why he has taken on Tiger and Otohime’s wills and has resolved to carve out a future where coexistence between Fish-Man and Human is a normality. Jinbe goal is fighting against the mentality that people like Who’s Who have toward Fish-Man. The Fish-Man are not savages and they are not slaves.

The story of ‘The Sun God, Nika’ is incredibly fascinating, especially when given the context of being the hope of all slaves. A legendary warrior that will free the slaves from their suffering and bring a smile to their face. Does Roger calling the final Island on the Grand Line, Laugh Tale, have any connection to the Sun God, Nika? And why would knowing the story create panic amongst the World Government? The fact that the guard who mentioned the story to Who’s Who disappeared shortly after establishes the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Considering the title Fisher Tiger gave his Pirate crew – Sun Pirates – and his past as a former slave, it seems apparent that Tiger knew about The Sun God Nika, and chose to model his Pirate crew after the legends. Or did the story of Sun God Nika originate from Tiger’s actions in Mary Geoise when he escaped and freed other slaves and prisoners? Considering Who’s Who mentioned the figure was one slaves would pray to on the long distant past suggest the legends extends further back than a century. Will Jinbe provide further context to Who’s Who concerning Tiger or did Jinbe mean what he said when he told Who’s Who that he has nothing left to say to him? And would Robin, Kaido or Yamato know more about The Sun God, Nika?

One Piece chapter 1018 - The Sun God, Nika

With this revelation, it is almost certain that Mary Geoise is on the agenda to travel to for the Straw Hat Pirate adventure. The Straw Hat Pirates will likely be the ones to liberate the Tenryuubito slaves unless that task is left to the Straw Hat Pirate alliance. Will the news about Sabo and Hancock shift the Straw Hat Pirates attention to Mary Geoise? If so, will the Straw Hat Pirates need to travel back through the New World? Or could a Sky Island path take them close to Mary Geoise if not directly to it?

Turning to the Beast Pirates, they will further bleed numbers. Momonosuke still needs to show he is alive and Hiyori has yet to reveal herself. Once Orochi is defeated and the Kozuki Clan show they still exist, I suspect the Oniwabanshu and Mimiwarigumi to also shift their allegiance back to the Kozuki Clan. Kaido has yet to realize the true danger of the enemy he has made. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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