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One Piece chapter 1018 - Jinbe VS Who's-Who

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One Piece Chapter 1018 – Jinbe VS Who’s Who: The Heart Of A Fish-Man

One Piece chapter 1018 - Jinbe VS Who's-Who

What a exhilarating display of power, technique and composure by Jinbe. I am left in awe. To handle the six forms of the Cipher Pol secret arts and to defend, evade and then counter them. Jinbe is a master for a reason. Who’s Who has been utterly bested. The battle is over but Who’s Who will not be killed by Jinbe as the CP-0 expect. And unbeknownst to the CP-0, there are others present on Onigashima that possess more dangerous knowledge of the secrets hidden in the past that the World Government wishes kept buried (Momonosuke, Yamato, Kaido and Robin).

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