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Pokémon Shield [Switch] (Part 2) – Wild Area

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Within Pokémon Sword and Shield there is an area in the game where wild Pokémon roam aplenty and the Dynamax ability central to the Galar region is on full display through certain dwellings of wild Pokémon. That area is the Wild Area. An open region where you will find yourself spending most of your time discovering the wild Pokémon, treasures left behind by other trainers and travelers, earning Watts to spend on items sold by different vendors and many other activities.

Outside of Gym Battles, the Wild Area is the other place where you can encounter and battle Dynamax Pokémon. The encounters take place when the player locates a Pokémon dwelling with a red light emitting from it into the sky. These battles can be engaged solo with the assistance of AI comrades or together with other Sword and Shield players. Once a wild Pokémon is defeated, the player has the opportunity to throw a Pokéball to catch them. Through the encounter with the Wild Pokémon dwelling, the player also gain Watts which is the currency used in the Wild Area.

Watts can be used to spend on purchasing different types of Pokéballs such as the Quick Ball, Timer Ball, Dusk Ball, and many others. These Pokéballs are useful in certain circumstances, so they are beneficial when purchased. Other items include buying abilities to teach your Pokémon. You can also encounter explorers who sell you items for Watts. As you get deeper into the Wild Area, you come across other ways to spend your Watts. You will meet miners who will dig up treasures for you for a fee. And once you get your Bike, you can use Watts to upgrade the Bike – shorter cooldown for Bike boost.

The Bike makes it so convenient to explore the Wild Area. Initially, it isn’t much of an issue because the scope of area is limited due the player level but once you gain access to more areas of the Wild Area, it would be incredibly annoying to explore the area without the Bike. The Bike Rally system is also helpful in fast traveling to a certain key point in the Wild Area and earning Watts in the process.

Players can even encounter Shiny Pokémon in the Wild and in the Pokémon dwelling. Defeating or capturing a Shiny wild Pokémon will award the player some Watts as an additional reward. The items you pick up also resets daily meaning they can be found and picked up each day.

There are also areas you can reach with only Pokémon, such as water regions. I presume players will eventually be able to access lakes by mounting their Water Pokémon or encountering Pokémon in the sky with mounting Flying Pokémon. Looking forward to discovering more Pokémon and seeing what else the Wild Area contains!

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