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Edens Zero chapter 149 - Rebecca wakes up in an alternate future timeline

Edens Zero Chapter 149 – Alternate Eden

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Edens Zero chapter 149 - Rebecca wakes up in an alternate future timeline

Electrical signals, huh? That is how Nasseh is able able to configure the Ether of his targets to conform to his instructions by inserting his own Ether program within the electrical signals. How curious. Aside from blocking the signal, would disrupting it also work? With Nasseh’s “hypnosis” nullified, he has resorted to fighting Weisz mecha to mecha. As for Rebecca, she has sent her consciousness forward into a branch of time that has been referred to by a certain character, the ‘worst possible future’. What is the relevance of such a timeline and Rebecca’s presence there?

Lyra’s actions are incredibly puzzling and concerning. What is this adorably brutal show she is referring to? What seemingly may have appeared as a glimmer of hope may instead be a brush painting the whole canvas in despair. Something is off with Lyra and the way she is composing herself as anti-antagonistic is immensely suspicious. The cliffhanger of future Rebecca’s legs and Lyra admiring current time Rebecca’s legs naturally has me worried about what is about to take place. Can the Nero Empire be as cold-blooded and heartless as the Draken faction? I understand Shura is inhumane in his approach to life but the general grunts of the Imperial Army didn’t seem so monstrous. Is Lyra like Shura or is she being developed as a future ally? I certainly hope the latter.

Edens Zero chapter 149 - Lyra takes Rebecca away to prepare her for the "show"

Lyra will have to be defeated but why have her separate Rebecca from the rest of the group? Will Shura begin to torture Witch and Rebecca as Shiki makes his way onto the Nero 66 facility? If so, does Lyra agree with such actions or is she like Milani and only complied because of fear? Why does Lyra want Rebecca conscious for the show? Is Rebecca the star or a spectator? And will the show involve Shura further torturing Witch? Because if it is, any hope Shura has for redemption after his defeat would be crushed into dust. I hope Lyra isn’t a Shura supporter because I am interested in her character and learning more about her beyond this arc such as her personal circumstances and the story behind her peculiar look.

Did not expect Nasseh to don a mecha and challenge Wiesz directly. The Imperial Army suit may be strong but the longer the battle goes on, the less advantage it will have. Once Weisz comes to learn the mecha’s limitations and properties, he will be able to use his Ether Gear to reconfigure it. After all, the Sea Devil is a mechanical construct and Weisz is an Ether user that can configure mechanical constructs to his specifications.

Edens Zero chapter 149 - Mecha Weisz VS Mecha Nasseh

Rebecca will likely saved herself and whatever she will learn in the future timeline she is in will be of use in her current time. Some knowledge that will help her avert her time traveling down the path that led to the ‘worst possible future’. Could the events on Nero66 have led to future Rebecca’s loss of legs? Or was that a different event? And is Rebecca’s Cat Leaper ability truly gone with the loss of her natural legs? That Rebecca would still possess the Ether Gear but without natural legs, would it mean the Ether Gear is unusable? If so, that is a major weakness.

As for the future Rebecca, what happened to make her enter her coma state? And where has her consciousness gone? A different timeline? A different Rebecca? A different person? Lucy? And considering Noah, what is his deal? What is he working to prevent? Is he some sort of John Connor type character? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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