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Pokémon Shield [Switch] (Part 1) – Adventure In The Galar Region

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A new Pokémon game, a new adventure. And with it, new Pokémon and new characters. This time, Sword and Shield introduces the Galar region and the Dynamax mechanic to empower Pokémon with.

The story sees your character embark on a journey to travel across the Galar region to discover the various Pokémon local to the region and to meet the Gym Leaders who hold the badges required to establish yourself as a challenger to the Pokémon Champion. Leon is the current Pokémon Champion who is also the elder brother of your best friend, Hop. Together Hop and yourself travel across the lands discovering new Pokémon and becoming stronger as Pokémon trainers. Hop also serves as your rival throughout the story challenging you to Pokémon duels at certain points in the story to test your progress and advancements as a contender to the Champion title.

In Sword and Shield, the players get to choose between three different types of Pokémon as their starter Pokémon which is the norm for the franchise. A fire type, a water type and a grass type; Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. When deciding what Pokémon to progress with, I usually decide based on which Pokémon I find the most visually appealing. It was Squirtle in Blue, Fennekin in X and here in Shield, I went with Scorbunny. I could not get over the resemblance Scorbunny has to Sonic (which is also why I called my Scorbunny, Zyonic). Hop also chooses a Pokémon based on the remaining two and the remaining Pokémon gets taken in by Leon, the reigning Pokémon champion. I presume the type of Pokémon Leon gets will always have an element advantage over the starter Pokémon the player chose.

So far in my adventure I have made it to Motostoke where the Gym Challenge opening ceremony is located. Love the steampunk aesthetic of Motostoke. About to attend the Gym opening ceremony. As for the characters, Hop can be both amusing and annoying. To think he stands a chance against the player, how comical but his passion for Pokémon and admiration for his elder brother is genuine. Sonia is a great character, through her journey, the player gets both assistance and knowledge of the regions. I’m glad she is a recurring character throughout the game.

The Dynamax mechanic so far seems a bit basic. Using it allows your Pokémon to enter the Dynmax state where they increase in size getting a red hue and gain more power behind their attacks. Beyond that, is there more to discover? Hopefully. It would fascinating if the Dynamax state opens up additional abilities or elemental attributes for the Pokémon.

So far I have been enjoying the Dynamax Pokémon battles in the wild areas where you take the wild Pokémon on in team encounters. The challenging nature of the battles do make them more fun.

Looking forward to discovering new Pokémon, characters, items and cosmetics in the Galar region. Also excited to advance my Pokémon and evolve them as I journey across the land challenging Gym leaders and earning Pokémon badges. Onward and forward!

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