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Kaiju No. 8 chapter 38 - Kafka detained by the Defense Force

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 38 – The Kaiju Weaponry

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Kaiju No. 8 chapter 38 - Kafka detained by the Defense Force

Clarity has finally been attributed toward the intentions of the Kaiju faction antagonizing humanity. Not only do the Kaiju seek to eliminate humanity but they also wish to recover the power of their brethren that have fallen into the hands of humanity over the decades. And in humanities case, we also learn how the option of converting Kaiju into weaponry has supplemented their fear and added to the opposition of alternative methods in dealing with Numbered Kaiju. Kafka’s case and Isao’s desire to use his power is unprecedented. Humanity in the past (in regards to Japan) were too afraid of the Kaiju that they never once considered that the Kaiju they were exposed too weren’t representative of every single Kaiju in existence. If humanity were aware that there were Kaiju that were willing to work with humanity, would they act differently?

I knew that Kaiju parts were used in the process of the Defense Force weaponry but I didn’t realise that the Numbered Kaiju itself could be transformed into a weapon retaining some if not all of the abilities it had in Kaiju form. This establishes an incredibly fascinating development and setting. Beyond Isao’s use of the Kaiju #2 ARMS, what are the Numbered Kaiju ARMS capable of? Gen Okonogi’s Kaiju #1 weapon was teased in this chapter with it being directed at Kafka. It looks imposing and unlike the Kaiju #2 ARMS, the Kaiju #1 parts were converted into a huge bladed weapon. I suspect we may get to see Okonogi in action sooner rather than later based on Monster #9 restarting his mission.

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 38 - Monster #1 Weapon user - Okonogi

Monster #6 was also teased about in this chapter. It was source behind the Cluster-type Catastrophe of ten years ago where it apparently summoned many Kaiju to its location. Monster #6 was the cause behind Kikoru’s mother’s death. The intriguing discussion on Monster #6 is how it has been converted into a weapon but has yet to find anyone that is compatible with using it. Has Isao tried to test Kikoru’s compatibility with the Monster #6 weapon? It would be quite ironic and oddly fitting to have the Kikoru be the one capable of using the Monster #6 weapon. Even if Monster #6 resulted in the death of her mother, it could end up being the tool she uses to protect those she cares about. The use of the Monster #6 weapon may even allow Kikoru to assist her father in coming to terms with his wife’s death.

One area that seems curiously untouched is data on Monster #7. Why was there a decade gap between the appearance of Monster #6 and Monster #8. What happened in between that decade? Since Kafka revealed himself as Monster #8, we have had the appearance of Monster #9 and Monster #10. Where does Monster #7 fit in? And could Monster #7 be the prototype of combining Kaiju and Human? With the omittance of any information on Monster #7, I suspect that it has yet to be converted into a weapon and is still active. Monster #7 has been identified as a threat but it could have disappeared after its initial appearance which could be the result of a human being able to transform into a Kaiju. I wouldn’t be surprised if during gap between Monster #7’s appearance and Kafka’s encounter with his parasite Kaiju, Monster #7 came to learn more about its existence and the possibility of having Human and Kaiju exist together in one form.

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 38 - Isao lays out the disadvantages of converting Monster #8 into a weapon

Kafka didn’t just run into a wild Kaiju and accidentally consume it. The Kaiju intentionally sought Kafka out and chose to enter Kafka’s body and bestow its Kaiju powers onto Kafka. The event was scripted and planned. Someone who knew about Kafka and the ability to merge Human and Kaiju was the architect behind Kafka’s current situation. Another revealing element is the obliviousness of the Kaiju attacking humanity to Monster #8’s existence and story. Whoever directed Kafka and the Kaiju to meet was not part of that Kaiju faction. That party either belongs to different group or is attacking independently. It would make sense if before Monster #8, there existed a prototype where a Human and a Kaiju were connected. And now, Monster #7 after years of existing alongside a Kaiju within their human body chose to have Kafka exist alongside them. With Kafka’s Kaiju form now being known within the Defense Force, will Monster #7 appear before Kafka?

Once the Kaiju attacks the Defense Force facilities to retake the Kaiju parts of their fellow Monsters, that will be when Monster #7 makes their move (if my assumption is correct in Monster #7 still being alive). Through Monster #7, the readers may get further exposition on the wider realm of Kaiju and the possibilities that exist. Kafka will be the piece that convinces Monster #7 to assist in humanities fight against the Kaiju (the faction that seeks to eliminate humanity). With Monster #9 being aware of Monster #8’s presence and power, how will he know plan to combat against Monster #8’s appearance? Will he lay a trap? Or does him shedding his old skin convey him enhancing himself and getting stronger? Monster #9 may feel he is now stronger than Monster #8. Whatever the case, I am curious to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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