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Edens Zero chapter 148 - Pino and Happy VS Nasseh

Edens Zero Chapter 148 – Pino & Happy VS Nasseh: Hypnosis

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Edens Zero chapter 148 - Pino and Happy VS Nasseh

An Ether Gear that derives the majority of its application through the mystery surrounding its limitations. When a target is oblivious to the methodology of its initiation, the effect of hypnosis is almost guaranteed but what happens when knowledge of its rules is held by the target? Certainly avenues to nullify its hold would be taken. Such is the case in the battle against Nasseh. The Edens team are currently submerged in a sea of unknown but due to the fragments of information so far presented, it may be possible for the Edens team to piece together a deduction on which to act. Hypnosis applied through non-standard means with the name “The Eye of Horus”. That in conjunction with the Ether streams passing through Nasseh’s eyes, it seems apparent how his hypnosis is being applied onto a target.

It is sight. Nasseh is casting his hypnosis not by vocal suggestion or sound but by sight. In order for Nasseh’s hypnosis to affect the target, he first needs to gaze at them. Which leads to an interesting possibility, what happens if Nasseh can’t see his opponent? Would he not be able to affect them with his hypnosis? Can Rebecca or Weisz erect a barrier in front of them to block off Nasseh’s gaze? If Nasseh doesn’t have a direct line of sight to them, they may not be affected by his hypnosis. Or if a person can move at speeds unable to be concretely detected by their opponent, they may also be able to avoid his hypnosis (Rebecca). Or interrupting Nasseh’s sight through the use of flashbangs/stun grenades or other tools. If sight is how Nasseh is applying his hypnosis, which would explain “The Eye of Horus” name, it would be entirely possible for Rebecca and Weisz to find methods they can use to avoid being caught in the hypnosis again.

Edens Zero chapter 148 - Nasseh prepares to use his fatal hypnosis

Both Rebecca and Weisz are intellectual characters, so I suspect based on the information they have on hand, they will be able to arrive at a conclusion that identifies the weakness in Nasseh’s Ether Gear. Would mirrors affect Nasseh? If sight is how Nasseh is casting his hypnosis can a mirror be used to reflect that hypnosis back at Nasseh? It would be amusing for Nasseh to be outsmarted and technically defeated by himself. I don’t expect any third party to appear during the battle until Nasseh is defeated (unless Milani shows up to use her mirrors). If Rebecca and/or Weisz defeat Nasseh they will subsequently come across Lyra who they will also need to take care of.

I am glad Pino is getting some time to shine but I wonder if Mashima-sensei plans for Pino to get a stand alone battle for herself in the arcs like other characters. Pino is the mascot type of character for Edens Zero but she is also more than that. Beyond her support abilities that assist tremendously, she has the capacity to handle herself and rise to the challenge in front of her if the opportunity arises. I do get Pino having an overpowered ability that can reduce the tension in battles if used haphazardly, similar to Rebecca’s power, but it would be fascinating to see a battle where Pino has to rely on her other capabilities to defeat an opponent.

Edens Zero chapter 148 - Justice arrives

With Justice joining the battle ongoing in the space around Nero 66, will the Imperial Army focus their attention there? Justice may be one person but based on his arrival on the scene and the celestial greeting, he alone stands to threaten the forces gathered around Nero 66 (I do love how Ether Gear powers can be channeled through ship weaponry). When you include Eraser who may be done recharging soon and the supporting Interstellar Union Army ships into the mix, the Imperial Army really do have their backs against a wall. The variables of Poseiden Nero, Ziggy and Elsie are also pieces that need to be accounted for. How will their eventual arrival affect the state of the battle? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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