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Dr. Stone chapter 201 - Senku and Suika chapter cover

Dr. Stone Chapter 201 – Gazing From The Moon

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Dr. Stone chapter 201 - Senku and Suika chapter cover

Why-Man’s reaction to the radio waves being broadcasted by the Science Kingdom across Earth is too automated to be coincidental. It is almost as if Why-Man was designed to react to reverberations of humanity it comes across. A seemingly mechanical and expected reaction from Why-Man with a response more threatening than substantial. One has to wonder the form of the mind behind Why-Man and the overwhelming obsession it has with ceasing humanity almost as if Why-Man were programmed to do so. The robotic actions of Why-Man to date can’t be inconsequential. I honestly cannot shake the feeling that Why-Man really is an AI that now resides on the Moon with a directive to petrify humanity. An AI that considers itself superior to humanity.

I suspect that when Senku and Co. confront Why-Man, they will come to realise what may be going on. Why-Man may not be the end antagonist of Dr. Stone but a precursor to the mind behind Why-Man. The creator of Why-Man is likely petrified but what happens when the Science Kingdom revives all of humanity? Such an act may take place prior to their journey to the Moon and while they are engaged with such a mission. The moment they become aware that Why-Man was created by someone that has just been revived on Earth is the moment they will realise that the events that happened to humanity may not have been entirely what they thought. A Why-Man 2.0 may be created if the mind behind Why-Man has malicious intentions.

Dr. Stone chapter 201 - The Science Kingdom receives a message from the Moon

That aside, will we really not have another Earth-based antagonist prior to the Science Kingdom meeting Why-Man on the Moon. At present, any potential antagonist are petrified but once the Science Kingdom begins reviving individuals, we may start to get a clearer idea of who the next antagonist could be. Or would Why-Man source the next antagonist in the form of robot/Terminator? I honestly wouldn’t mind Why-Man launching several assassin bots to Earth around the origins of the radio waves being broadcasted. The three groups of the divided Science Kingdom may each have to face a robot of their own and defeat it. Such a scenario may even call for Stanley’s revival. Once the threat of Why-Man becomes established, Stanley and his team will be forced to direct their attention to stopping Why-Man rather than focusing on Senku.

Whatever ends up happening, it won’t be smooth sailing for the Science Kingdom as they progress through their roadmap for the journey to the Moon. Will Senku and Co. find danger in Barcelona or will the danger find them? I don’t expect any humans to have revived themselves on Earth in the current time, especially with the reapplication of the personification beam 7 years ago but if there are any, I will be curious to learn about their story. Or will new characters be introduced from Senku and Co. reviving them? A future enemy may be amongst one of the people they revive. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the Science Kingdom progresses across the various tasks it has.

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