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Dr. Stone chapter 201 - Senku and Suika chapter cover

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Dr. Stone Chapter 201 – Gazing From The Moon

Dr. Stone chapter 201 - Senku and Suika chapter cover

Why-Man’s reaction to the radio waves being broadcasted by the Science Kingdom across Earth is too automated to be coincidental. It is almost as if Why-Man was designed to react to reverberations of humanity it comes across. A seemingly mechanical and expected reaction from Why-Man with a response more threatening than substantial. One has to wonder the form of the mind behind Why-Man and the overwhelming obsession it has with ceasing humanity almost as if Why-Man were programmed to do so. The robotic actions of Why-Man to date can’t be inconsequential. I honestly cannot shake the feeling that Why-Man really is an AI that now resides on the Moon with a directive to petrify humanity. An AI that considers itself superior to humanity.

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