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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 1 - opening colour spread

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest (Manga) – The Adventure Beyond

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 1 - opening colour spread

When an end arrives, emotions from the corners of the extremes meld together into an ineffable moment. Whether it be joy, sorrow, relief, disappointment, satisfaction, numbness or indifference. It is a moment where the many feelings one holds for that experience cascades together. A story is no different. Upon its end, you come to characterise the meaning of the experience within emotion. If a story is particularly enjoyable and resonant with ones heart, a fascination for what lies beyond emerges. Such is the case with Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest for me. I can’t help but feel privileged and grateful that such a joyous and enjoyable story has a continuation. A story that now sees Fairy Tail target the 100 Years Quest that no other mage guild has managed to complete is over a century. Let the new adventure commence!

The 100 Years Quest is sourced by the only remaining member of the first Mage Guild – Elefseria, the master of Magia Dragon. Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla take on the quest to become the 99th group of heroes. They learn that what they will be dealing with are Dragons. Fearsome and powerful Dragons that are as strong as Acnologia if not stronger. The balance within the lands of Guiltina has been thrown astray with the presence of Dragons which Elefseria wishes to be sealed away. Upon completing the task, Elefseria conveys that he will grant them one thing they wish for. Any one thing among all that exist will be granted to them if Fairy Tail completes the quest.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 50 - Fairy Tail cover page

During Natsu and Co.’s adventure across the lands of Guiltina, they meet the Dragons labelled “Dragon Gods” and come to learn about their particular situations. Despite being Dragons and needing to be sealed, the Dragons themselves aren’t all bad but have curious circumstances surrounding their coexistence alongside humanity. And wrapped through the 100 Years Quest is the story of a White Mage looking to erase magic to bring a balance they seemingly believe is necessary to their goals. This particular story thread that ties together with the 100 Years Quest is wonderful and creatively remarkable. It builds into a fantastical development that see’s the expansion of the Fairy Tail alternate/parallel universes.

Despite the focus primarily being on Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla, the story still etches out moments for the supporting cast within the world to be featured in. The rest of the Fairy Tail members definitely get their moments to shine and so to do other beloved characters from the original series. With the antagonist of the original series defeated, new antagonists needed to be introduced and beyond the Dragon Gods that have some overlap with the role of antagonist, a new guild has been introduced to serve as more direct opponents for Fairy Tail. Diabolos, a Guild based in Guiltina that is make up entirely of Dragon Eaters also known as Fifth Generation Dragon Slayers. Diabolos is a fascinating guild with some characterised members that are not only dangerous but cool and appealing. They may exist as antagonist but they are also great characters.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest chapter 59 - Ultear appears within the realm of frozen time

I do have to mention the two parts of Fairy Tail that I found myself longing more for, especially in terms of a conclusion, when I read the end of Fairy Tail. And those were the fates of Ultear Milkovich and Irene Belserion. The two characters I had come to really be interested in. As I have mentioned before, their stories were incredibly tragic and even though initially portrayed as antagonist, we had come to find out how broken they were by the hands of circumstance. The evils they committed were unforgivable but deep down when the shell of their madness was pierced, there resided a vulnerable heart capable of good. They were victims of misfortune who only wanted to be loved but the darkness of humanity twisted their nature and covered their hearts in pain, anguish and loss.

After reading Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, I am so grateful that Ultear and Irene’s stories weren’t forgotten or concluded but rather continued. Ultear had a moment to shine and to reveal where she currently exist. I am hoping we get to see more of her in the future story as there a lot of potential to develop and advance her story. The “time” Ultear exchanged to save Earthland was not “lost” but rather trapped away within the reality of time. Ultear’s “time” is there. And if it is there, it can potentially be recovered and returned to Ultear’s base form. And as for Irene, I absolutely love how she is being incorporated within the story and alongside a certain main character. That which Irene desires deep down may actually come to pass as she continues on the path she is currently on. How heartening it is to see Irene liberated from her bitterness and engaged with her more mellow self.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - volume 7 cover - clean

Currently the story is focused on the world Elentir. Like with Edolas, it is an incredibly creative and fantastical setting. The exact relevance of Elentir hasn’t been defined yet but potentially interesting things could happen if certain events arise. It could even have intriguing and lasting consequences for Edolas and Earthland.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is a beautiful and engaging continuation to the wonderful adventures journeyed by the members of Fairy Tail. It not only encapsulates the emotions from the original series but builds on top of it remarkably. Atsuo Ueda does a fantastic job with the art and capturing the Fairy Tail magic within its energy. I am thoroughly enjoying Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest and eagerly look forward to seeing what happens next. Thank you once again Fairy Tail and Hiro Mashima. And thank you Atsuo Ueda and the Fairy Tail team.

Enjoyment level: 10 Spirits/10 Spirits

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