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Kaiju No. 8 chapter 37 - Kafka is consumed by his Kaiju's rage

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 37 – The Human Of Monster #8

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Kaiju No. 8 chapter 37 - Kafka is consumed by his Kaiju's rage

Cornered into a position that threatens his promise, Kafka consolidates every essence of his being to will his body into action and away from the blind rage consuming the Kaiju within him. To stop Monster #8, Kafka first stops himself. The hand that pierced his core jolted his mind back into consciousness. Injured yet in control, Kafka meets Isao’s regret with a expression of who he is. Kafka is not Monster #8, he IS Kafka Hibino. After such a display, beyond the terror Monster #8 can bring, the Defense Force now has concrete proof that Kafka can stop himself from running rampant if such a situation arises. The evidence Kafka has provided should be enough to merit his survival despite the risk it could pose to the Defense Force. And if Chief Shinomiya oversees Kafka’s presence, the Defense Force should be more comfortable allowing Kafka to remain within the Defense Force.

The raging Monster #8 was quite the sight to see. Despite the proficiency Chief Shinomiya has in using the Monster #2 ARMS, Monster #8 was still able to tank those attacks and continue with its offense. Through raw force and rage, Monster #8 overwhelmed everything Isao threw at him. Even that electric blast was nullified by Monster #8 roar. It become so focused on destroying Isao that nothing else mattered. It went so far as to attempt to consume Kafka’s consciousness into its rage.

After much struggle, Kafka was able to draw strength from Kikoru’s belief in him and the promise he made with Mina. Using all he had, Kafka overwhelmed the control the Kaiju had over him but piercing his chest and core. The shock of injury weakened the control the Kaiju had over his body allowing him to take back control. And he then expressed for the Defense Force present to hear – he is not Monster #8 but himself.

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 37 - Kafka overwhelms the Kaiju within him to regain control over his body

Kikoru’s resolve to put her father’s faith in Kafka’s hand was a huge moment for her. She has been primed by Chief Shinomiya to be a weapon against the Kaiju yet here we have Kikoru opting to not don her battlesuit and combat Monster #8 but to rather trust in Kafka. Kikoru knows what Kaiju are capable of, especially with her mother being killed by one, so more than anyone, she should understand the danger Kaiju possess. Her father’s life was at risk and despite all that she feels toward Kaiju, she still chose to believe in Kafka. Ever since meeting Kafka, Kikoru has learned to be honest with herself and to start relying on others. You can only do so much alone. Kikoru has started to follow her heart more closely and through such actions, she will reach a different view of the world than her father.

Now that Kafka is back in control and the battle against Isao is seemingly over, what will the Defense Force do? I am oddly intrigued by the discussion the Defense Force will have regarding keeping Kafka in their charge despite the risk of Monster #8. And will the Kaiju faction that attacked the Defense Force earlier find out about Kafka’s presence as Monster #8? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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