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Dr. Stone chapter 200 - Senku heads across the Atlantic to build other cities and procure more resources for the spaceship construction

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 – Divide And Discover

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Dr. Stone chapter 200 - Senku heads across the Atlantic to build other cities and procure more resources for the spaceship construction

The potential of science continues to be on display within the chapter. As the base rocket engine is designed, so to is the Perseus 2.0. And with the birth of the new Perseus, the journey across the Atlantic begins where Senku and Co. look to establish other cities and procure the materials needed for the spaceship that will take them to the Moon where Why-man is located. The Science Kingdom is divided into three groups with each having a separate a mission central to stopping Why-man and reviving the rest of human. At the current story pace, we may actually have the the revival of the Corn City group within the next chapter.

The progression of advancements within the past few chapters has been incredible. The accumulation of knowledge and techniques within this Stone Age has enhanced the pace at which Senku and Xeno can generate the products of their designs. It also appears the material at which they have at their disposal assists in increasing the speed they can conduct their experiments. When the focus shifts back to Xeno’s group, I am curious to find out how far he has progressed with his rocket engine. With the base design complete, how exactly will he go about advancing it.

Suika assisting Senku during the production of fuel was adorable. Unlike before, Suika now understands what science is used for in practice. She may not comprehend the technical aspects of the process yet but her hunger for knowledge is noticeable. Over time, Suika will follow in Senku’s footsteps.

Dr. Stone chapter 200 - the rebirth of the Perseus

Chrome’s fascination of science’s potential was endearing. Converting what once came from rocks in the ground to something unimaginable and overwhelming. His story is definitely building up toward something. There will likely come a moment when Chrome’s presence will affect the direction of the future. Chrome may not be versed in modern science like Senku and Xeno but he is incredibly capable in his own right with a vision that views the world from a different perspective than others. Chrome likely always appreciated the potential of science but never imagined the potential to be this vast which is why Chrome can’t help but be left in awe at what is possible. Those tears signify his past efforts and future excitement.

With Senku and Co. heading across the Atlantic, will they reach their destination without issue or will something occur to force them on a detour. A detour that will provide the Science Kingdom with additional information on Why-man. Will new characters be introduced going forward as the world begins being revived or is the story settled on its current characters? Surely a new antagonist is primed to appear soon and potentially another character that will assist the Science Kingdom in overcoming this antagonist. The knowledge of the Petrification providing a form of immortality is definitely a plot point that could be explored and attached onto an antagonistic character. A character ready to throw their sanity away in the face of existing within an undying form. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what became of the Petrification Device left in the Corn City facility. Congratulations on 200 chapters Dr. Stone!

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