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One Piece chapter 1016 - Nami taken down Ulti with Usopp and Zeus's assistance

One Piece Chapter 1016 – Nami VS Ulti: Electric Reverberation

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One Piece chapter 1016 - Nami taken down Ulti with Usopp and Zeus's assistance

When it comes to protecting that which she cares for, Nami is incredibly courageous and determined. And with the addition of Zeus as her aide in channeling her powers and analytical skills, Nami now has the means to combat the opponents within the New World. In face of Ulti who continues to threaten Tama, Nami unleashes. The comments Nami directed at Ulti during their prior encounter reverberates across the castle interior and right through Ulti. Nami’s actions have conveyed exactly how serious she was. If you get on her bad side, be prepared for the consequences. Ulti underestimated her opponents and now pays the price with a defeat. The Tobi Roppo have been reduced to half their original number and the oh-so certain outcome from the CP-0’s perspective is beginning to be coloured in a shade of suspense. The tides are about to turn.

As the residents of Wano Kuni continue to let loose on the day of celebration, what sight will be they behold when the presence of Onigashima traversing across the sky meets their vision? Will it be a prophecy of despair or will it signal the dawning of their tomorrow? Toko and Hitetsu attend the Fire Festival celebration and discuss the possibility of the dead being able to see the love those they left behind have for them. Will the emotions of the citizens reach the spirits of the deceased? And if so, will the spirits of the deceased find their way to their loved ones on Wano Kuni? Will the spirits of characters like Ace and Oden make an appearance within the climax/conclusion of the Wano Kuni Arc? Will Ace witness his younger brother take steps toward the ‘Summit’ of the Pirate World and will Oden see the continuation of his dream through his children and Yamato? Even if the spirits of the dead aren’t shown, the emotions of those who love them will reach the deceased.

The CP-0 are about to get a shock once they recalculate the quantity of forces within each side within this war after Tama inspires the SMILE users who consumed her kibi dango (a few hundred SMILE users) to fight alongside the Straw Hat Pirates. I also would love to see the reactions of the CP-0 in the moment they heard Bao Huang convey that two of the Tobi Roppo have been defeated. The audience will likely get to see the progression of the CP-0’s reaction as they come to terms with Tobi Roppo being overwhelmed and begin to realise that Tama’s message currently being broadcasted will lead to hundreds of SMILE users turning against the Beast Pirates and fighting alongside the rebels side. The Straw Hat Pirates and their Allies will continue to make allies of enemies (*cough* Hawkins and Apoo *cough*) as the size of the Beast Pirates forces continue to dwindle.

Since arriving on Wano Kuni, the Straw Hat Pirates have had a hand in inspiring many characters to fight alongside them:

  • Convincing the people of Okobore and Ebisu town to believe in them;
  • Inspiring Ashura Doji to direct his sword toward the Beast Pirates again;
  • Luffy and Momonosuke breaking through the despair mentally shackling the Udon prisoners and reigniting their Samurai spirits that still resided in their beings;
  • Luffy winning Kid over;
  • Zoro and Kawamatsu motivating Onimaru to assist them in their war against the Beast Pirates;
  • Even though not directly, the presence of the Straw Hat Pirates did inspire Denjiro (and the Kyoshiro Family) to take full advantage of his role as a spy within the Beast Pirate ranks to catch them completely off guard;
  • The son of Kaido choosing to fight alongside the Samurai as he wholeheartedly believes in Luffy;
  • X Drake throwing in his lot alongside the Straw Hat Pirates thanks to Coby’s admiration for Luffy influencing him;
  • The compassion and understanding of Chopper melting the hearts and fear of the Ice Oni virus from the Pleasures and Waiters subject to Queen’s cruelty and heartlessness;
  • Nami bonding with Zeus and reaching her Clima-Tact out to him in a moment where all seemed lost;
  • Tama using her Devil Fruit powers to pacify the SMILE users and stimulate their desire to want to help her;

There also potential allies still present on Onigashima:

  • Hawkins – the winds of fate may begin to change how he feels about allying with the Beast Pirates;
  • Apoo – considering the death mark Queen placed on him, his only chance of survival is to see the Beast Pirates (including Queen) defeated;
  • Numbers – if Usopp doesn’t defeat them, he could potentially convert them into allies similar to how he motivated Oimo and Kashii to fight alongside the Straw Hat Pirates during the Enies Lobby Arc. Or would the one who connects with the Numbers be Yamato?;
  • Oniwabanshu (5,000 members) – can Momonosuke and Shinobu convince them to once again fight for Wano Kuni and its people? Will Orochi and Fukurokuju need to be defeated first?
  • Mimawarigumi/Remaining Samurai (5,000 members) – will Hiyori revealing herself inspire the remaining samurai to pledge their allegiance to the Kozuki Family once it becomes clear to them that the Kozuki family have been fighting for them throughout the past 20 years?

And this isn’t even mentioning the effects the Straw Hat Pirates have had outside Wano Kuni – allying with Law during the Punk Hazard Arc, becoming allies with the Mink during their time on Zou, working together with the Firetank Pirates and convincing the Germa Army to fight alongside them during the Totto Land Arc (the Sun Pirates also helped them).

One Piece chapter 1016 - Yamato facing off against Kaido alone

Usopp, Momonosuke and Hiyori still have parts to play and will likely be the reason for further defections within the Beast Pirates. Kaido is positioned on shaky ground which he does not yet realise.

Bao Huang was caught so unprepared, not even she could anticipate the scenes unraveling before her. So bewildered was she that she failed to realise she was still connected to the network when expressing her shock as Nami defeating Ulti. Usopp being the perceptive individual he is took advantage of the situation to capture Bao Huang and use her network against the Beast Pirates. Further chaos will ensue within the ranks of the Beast Pirates and it appears to be positioned only downhill for them from here on – Luffy is making his way back to Onigashima and Zoro is slowly recovering.

Yamato challenging Kaido is such a fantastic moment and that panel with Yamato facing Kaido in his Azure Dragon form, how incredibly spectacular. Yamato has expressed his intention to his father – after he helps drive Kaido out of Wano Kuni, he intends to sail the seas with Luffy. Nakama confirmed. As I have mentioned before, the other dream Oden had beyond opening Wano Kuni’s borders was assisting the one carrying on Joy Boy’s will. The one Wano Kuni had been waiting centuries for. Luffy embodies that individual and Yamato realises that. Yamato will see that dream of Oden’s complete by representing him.

One Piece chapter 1016 - Yamato taken on Kaido until Luffy returns to finish Kaido

Yamato at present is already behaving like a Straw Hat Pirate – believing in Luffy wholeheartedly and taken on Kaido not to defeat him but to keep him occupied until Luffy returns to finish Kaido off. Right now, Yamato is fighting for something bigger than himself; he is fighting for a friend, a nation, his dreams, and the future Oden sacrificed himself to see made possible. Kaido’s comment about Wano is incredibly interesting – what exactly did he mean? Is there something special about Wano Kuni that Kaido is aware of? Aside from the geographical structure, are their other reasons for Wano Kuni being special? Is it linked to Joy Boy and the Ancient Civilisation? A connection to Uranus? It is very curious that Kaido is adamant on making Yamato the Shogun of Wano Kuni despite Yamato’s repeated refusals. Are Kaido and Yamato somehow linked to Wano Kuni by their blood? Could there be a Seventh Family of Wano Kuni? Very much looking forward the next chapter.

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