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Edens Zero chapter 146 - Homura VS Milani - Homura defeat Milani's mirror clones

Edens Zero Chapter 146 – Homura And Milani

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Edens Zero chapter 146 - Homura VS Milani - Homura defeat Milani's mirror clones

I had suspected that Milani was more a victim of her surrounding norms than a willful participant who instinctively despised androids but I did not expect that Milani all along cherished androids and only followed Shura out of fear. If Milani has been cornered emotionally and mentally to such an extent, how many other members of the Nero Empire are in a similar situation where even though they know what they are doing is wrong, they can’t help but conform to the status quo lest they risk the wrath and madness of Shura. If the hatred for androids isn’t a universal feeling across the Aoi Cosmos, then defeating Shura and removing Nero’s control over the cosmos can very well help in bringing living beings (mainly humanity) and androids back together. Shura may hate androids but there are those within the Aoi Cosmos that still shed tears for the lives of androids. Will Milani team up with Homura to help stop the All-Link system from activating? And will she also assist in providing information about Ijuna to the Edens team and recovering Witch?

With Milani revealing her true feelings about androids, it conveys that even though she was still complying with her duty as a soldier of the Aoi Cosmos serving Shura, her heart was never behind her actions of robbing the androids of their lives. She values the lives of androids but kept the truth and the form of her real feelings hidden away within her heart. She attempted to silence her heart and move forward with the shackles of fear but such a state only served to cause her more pain. With the truth out and allies willing to fight for the lives of androids present, Milani has the opportunity to embrace what she truly wishes to do – to protect the lives of androids and help right the wrongs she committed.

Edens Zero chapter 146 - Homura voices her support for Milani's feelings for androids

Milani may have been paralyzed by fear in the past when confronted with Shura’s actions toward androids but now after having her actions reflected back on herself, she has become aware how insufferable it was to just stand by and watch as someone she cared for was taken away. Milani’s truth has been verbalized and shared with Homura who in turn has announced her support for Milani’s feelings. The tears Milani is shedding will bloom a path on which the chains of fear currently binding her can be removed. And the actions Milani will take going forward will be what liberates her. Your grandpa (Cyca) may be lost, Milani, but you can still save millions of androids currently in danger because of Shura.

I underestimated the hearts of androids. Not once when rationalising how Shiki could have survived the self-destruction blast by the robot did I consider the rest of the robots to be piling on Shiki in order to protect him. I anticipated Shiki to have used his Gravity powers to create a barrier between the blast and himself using the robots but that was completely wrong. Shiki didn’t attempt to use the lives of the robots to protect himself at all, rather it was the robots who chose to sacrifice themselves in order to protect someone they believed cared for them. Within the confines of their programming, they still followed their hearts and protected a human. The robots did not want to die but such was the limitation of their form. Shura in his current could never understand the androids even if he was spectator to such a heartfelt scene.

Edens Zero chapter 146 - The robots act to protect Shiki

Shura’s reality has been defined by his narrow-mindedness and any conflicting occurrences within his understanding will be deemed noise and targeted for destruction. Just as how Shura is responding to Shiki’s rejection of him by attempting to break Shiki and bring him under his heel, Shura attempts to do the same with the rest of the world around him. If what he wants isn’t naturally attracted to him, he will use his power to forcefully bring it down for him to possess. The weight of Shura’s ignorance and the pull of his madness has become the shackles Shura has placed on himself. If Shura’s perceived world that he views as revolving around him is destroyed, can he begin to see the world for what it actually is? Will the reduction of his ego help to open his view up to more of the world and the existences that inhabit it? Is there any way to help Shura from his current position or is he too far gone to be brought back away from the darkness?

If Shura does hope for salvation, he better not harm a hair on Witch! His madness has gone too far and all that he is expressing himself to be is an insecure boy who can’t handle a little rejection. It’s unbecoming of royalty and someone his age. Shura’s childish tantrums have grown tiresome and hopefully after encountering Shiki once again, we get the remedy for his whining. Still, I suspect Shura will begin to torture Witch as Shiki makes his way inside the Nero 66 facility and toward Shura. Knowing how unhinged and heartless Shura is, I can’t help but dread what he may do to Witch. Looking forward to the next chapter and finding out if any more of the Nero Empire soldiers are prepared to defect in order to save the androids within the Aoi Cosmos.

Edens Zero chapter 146 - Shura captures Witch to force Shiki to play with him

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