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One Piece chapter 1015 - Yamato arrives on the roof of Onigashima and challenges his father

One Piece Chapter 1015 – Continue The Fight

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One Piece chapter 1015 - Momonosuke relays Luffy message

Ah, what a glorious chapter. Within the inevitability of darkness, where prospects of hope and the tangibility of courage cease to exist, a glimmer piercing the veil of shadows endures. A miracle. A message. A mind unyielding to the inabilities of the past. Luffy has not lost. Luffy will not lose. Luffy refuses to lose. He will make it back to Kaido and beat him. The battle has not reached its end, it is but at a point where all hopes have gathered behind Luffy and Momonosuke. The Samurai may not know Luffy but they believe in Momonosuke and Momonosuke believes in Luffy. Every second endured is a second closer to Luffy’s return and Kaido’s defeat. Don’t give up! And Fight!

I love how there were certain characters that just inherently believed in Luffy regardless of Bao Huang’s announcement. They rejected the contents of the announcement instantaneously and continued their fight unaffected. Considering these characters connection with Luffy and the intimate relation they have built up with him over the story, it makes sense that characters like Zoro, Sanji, Robin and Law had little doubts to Luffy’s survival and eventual return to finish off Kaido. In particular, Robin’s reaction to Luffy’s message almost seemed to border on amusement as if she expected such an inexplicable response from someone possessing the ‘Will of D’. Having cast herself wholeheartedly into the Straw Hat Pirates, Robin has learned to never underestimate Luffy. But as certain as Robin was, the validation of her belief in Luffy must have inspired her regardless.

One Piece chapter 1015 - The Straw Hat Crew and everyone react to Luffy's message in still intending to defeat Kaido

Of course Law’s crew were still in the seas around Onigashima in the submarine. I had completely forgot about them and failed to consider them an option to saving Luffy but it makes complete sense after they were purposely left operating the submarine once Law departed with the Akazaya Samurai. Medical facilities are also available on the submarine enabling the crew to perform immediate surgery on Luffy if need be. For Polar Tang to have saved Luffy’s life twice, he really does owe the crew of the Heart Pirates.

Turning to Nami, since her acquisition of Zeus during the Totta Land Arc, it became apparent that Nami would eventually get Zeus to be part of her arsenal but the curious concern was how she would free Zeus from Linlin’s control. Linlin’s treatment of Zeus made him aware of Nami’s kindness and Nami’s actions in wanting to save Zeus enabled him to survive complete destruction. I knew Zeus would escape his apparent death and eventually become part of Nami’s power but I wasn’t expecting such a fascinating manner is such an end being reached. To have Zeus soul now be imbued in Nami’s Clima-tact, how incredibly awesome. The Clima-tact has now become sentient and I can’t wait to see how Nami applies Zeus’s power and presence through her attacks.

Kin’emon’s story within the Wano Kuni arc has been incredible. He has taken it upon himself to shoulder the burden of Wano Kuni and cast his very life toward the dream of Oden. Every fiber of his being is enduring and fighting to protect Wano Kuni. Even in the face of overwhelming power, Kin’emon continues to persist. Kaido may have stabbed Kin’emon but I don’t believe Kin’emon is dead. He may be outside death’s door but miracles have arrived on the lands of Wano Kuni.

One Piece chapter 1015 - Yamato arrives on the roof of Onigashima and challenges his father

The cliff hanger for this chapter was incredible. The conflict between Father and Child had been building throughout the story since entering Onigashima Island and now finally, Yamato and Kaido face off against each other. Despite their positions, Kaido continues to look down on Yamato but unlike their previous encounters where Kaido overpowered Yamato, this time Yamato is no longer chained and has a purpose and most importantly, he is not alone – he has friends supporting his actions. Yamato is done waiting and now seeks to take back his freedom. What may have held him back during previous encounters with Kaido seems almost released in his expression while challenging Kaido. Yamato will not defeat Kaido but the fight about to take place won’t be the same as the ones Kaido experienced against Yamato in the past. Kaido will be pushed further and more than before. And the longer Yamato is able to endure, the more time he will buy for Luffy to recover and return. A key battle is about to take place and Yamato is intrinsic in keeping Kaido occupied and away from the rest of the rebellion. Those twenty years of fear, hope, loneliness and wonder, it is time to unleash it all, Yamato. Fight not against Kaido but for yourself and the people you wish to protect. VERY much looking forward to the next chapter!

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