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Dr Stone chapter 199 - Xeno and Senku, the team of dark and light scientist

Dr. Stone Chapter 199 – The Path Of Science

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Dr Stone chapter 199 - Xeno and Senku, the team of dark and light scientist

The story pace has certainly picked up. In the span of three chapter, the world has become repopulated with a sizable portion of humanity – at least 75 going by the numbered revival fluid bottle Taiju was holding. The ore has been mined and progress toward building the Spaceship engine and the revived Perseus is underway. And within this very chapter, the Superalloy City has been developed and populated. Months, if not weeks would have passed during the construction of the Superalloy City. Will the story come back to focus on the residents of Superalloy City or were they merely background characters to show humanity coming together once again.

Apart from some of Xeno’s group, it appears several of the locals petrified 3,700 years ago were revived as well. It doesn’t seem as if any of the revived people hold any malicious intentions but that is just going off one page of the group celebrating the construction of Superalloy City. There could very well be shady individuals hidden away plotting something sinister and foolish. It’s curious how Xeno’s group members (Maya, Charlotte and other nameless members) were instantly compliant toward helping those they were at the time of petrification attempting to murder. Were they that overjoyed at being liberated from their petrified state and that understanding of Xeno’s explanation of the presence of Why-man? It does feel slightly weird to have enemies now abruptly become allies. I understand their help is required but can Xeno truly be trusted?

I had wondered what had happened to the Perseus and it appears even before Suika revived, the ship sank to the bottom of the sea. Without anyone to maintain it over the years, it lost its drainage functionality and sank as it took on more water. The metal did begin to rust but fortunately for the Science Kingdom, they are still able to recycle the iron and reuse it for the Perseus 2.0. I am excited to see what the new Perseus will look like and what additional features, Kaseki will add into his designs.

Suika showing an interest in science and following through with Senku and Xeno’s experiments was cute. As Suika’s exposure to science grows and she becomes aware of what is possible, hopefully her interest and understanding increases. Like Chrome, there may be moments for Suika where her thought process and ideas become the necessary spark for the Science Kingdom to get out of bind or to progress through the obstacles they will meet. It will also help to have another scientist in training available when the Science Kingdom needs to split up and divide their resources across different destinations required for the construction of the Spaceship.

Xeno’s acceptance of his darker approach to science is quite curious. As to is his perception of Senku’s approach. Has Xeno realised the fallacy of his prior actions in attempting to brute force his science onto the world? Has he comes to an understanding that both approaches embodied through Senku and himself are required when making progress through science? Has Xeno given up controlling the world? Or has his current curiosity of ‘Why-man’ been his latest driving force? I am hopeful toward Xeno and genuinely want him to be a permanent ally to the Science Kingdom but when it comes to someone as smart of Xeno who wanted to control the world before, one does have to wonder about Xeno’s exact intentions. It could just be that all Xeno wanted was freedom to perform his science, which he is now getting to do.

Dr Stone chapter 199 - The completion of Superalloy City

Considering the pace the story is moving at, we will likely get the reveal of Perseus 2.0 within the next chapter and potential have the journey back to North America underway. The rest of the Science Kingdom in North America could even be revived within the next two chapters. I suspect though that the introduction of the new antagonist isn’t far away as well. Stanley has been dealt with and Xeno is currently an ally of the Science Kingdom. Why-man’s reintroduction seems too far away to serve as the next antagonist which in turn leaves the door open for an entirely new character to play the part of the next main antagonist. Could it be one of the revive humans in Superalloy City or will the new antagonist reveal themselves when the Science Kingdom make their way back to North America? Corn City is still required for the Science Kingdom’s goal of revival the world. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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