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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 36 - Monster #8 awakened

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 36 – The Kaiju Of Monster #8

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 36 - Monster #8 awakened

As suspected, Chief Shinomiya seeks to test Kafka by cornering him physically and mentally. The unexpected variable is the Kaiju linked to Kafka and its ingrained nature of killing Kaiju. The presence of Monster #2’s power within the ARMS and Suit Chief Shinomiya is wearing on top of the threat faced to Kafka has brought the nature of the Kaiju residing within Kafka to the surface. Whatever the reasoning, the Kaiju that bonded with Kafka has a mission to kill Kaiju and right now within the situation against Chief Shinomiya wielding the Monster #2 ARMS and Suit, it interprets Chief Shinomiya’s presence as a Kaiju. Can Monster #8 be stopped by having Chief Shinomiya disengage the Monster #2 ARMS or will Kikoru assist in bringing Kafka’s consciousness back by conveying to Kafka that her father never intended to kill him and has been testing him the whole time? Can Kafka convey to the Defense Force that he is not just a Monster governed by destruction and rage.

I did not expect the Kaiju within Kafka to be awakened in such a chaotic state but thanks to that display, both Kafka and the readers have confirmation that the Kaiju within Kafka has a consciousness and it has a purpose. A purpose that revolves around killing Monsters. Such a nature begs the questions – why does a Kaiju seek to eliminate other Kaiju? Was it naturally designed to be such? Did the experiences the Kaiju had in the past lead it to resolving to kill Monsters? Or did human influence have a part in either creating the Kaiju or modifying it to serve as a weapon against other Kaiju? There are many mysteries left unclarified but with the Kaiju’s consciousness within Kafka confirmed, it may be possible for Kafka to communicate with it going forward and potentially get some answers to the many questions surrounding the Kaiju.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 36 - The Kaiju within Monster #8

The nature of the Kaiju within Kafka seems overwhelming focused on eliminating Monsters considering the extent it is willing to go through to create opportunities to land killing blows on its target even if its host body were put at risk. Chief Shinomiya analysed the mindset correctly – a self-destructive attack with regeneration in mind. It’s a crazy attack style that is straining Kafka’s body. Does the Kaiju realise the strain on Kafka? If so, does it not care? Or does it know the limits of what Kafka’s body can do?

Chief Shinomiya is keeping the raging Monster #8 at bay but one has to wonder when the limits of his body will kick in. Similar to Kafka, the strain on ones body when using Kaiju power isn’t non-existent and unlike Kafka, Chief Shinomiya isn’t in his prime. For now, Isao is smartly using distance and his defense against Monster #8 but there is a limit to what the Monster #2 ARMS is capable off. A limit of Kaiju power that doesn’t exist within a living body but is more outlined within the ARMS he is wielding.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 36 - Monster #8 VS Chief Shinomiya wielding the power of Monster #2

As Isao’s strength is exceeded and Kafka’s consciousness fades against the rage of the Kaiju within him, will Monster #8 be able to be stopped? The key to calming the Kaiju within Monster #8 down is definitely Kafka but at present he seems to be losing to the nature of his Kaiju form. If Kafka’s attention can be brought to the fact that he is being tested and there is hope of proving his humanity, I believe he could find sufficient strength to regain control of his body. Kafka may even be able to open a line of communication with the Kaiju within him. At the very least, Kikoru’s presence here is not just to be a mere witness. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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