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Dr Stone chapter 198 - Senku and Xeno work together reach Why-man on the Moon

Dr. Stone Chapter 198 – Senku And Xeno

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Dr Stone chapter 198 - Senku and Xeno work together reach Why-man on the Moon

Didn’t expect Xeno to be revived so soon but considering the presence of “Why-man” on the Moon, the need to reach there in order uncover why humanity was turned to stone, an expert is needed. In no time at all, the two have constructed a plan to building a spaceship and now depart on a journey to mine the minerals needed to build the components they need. Senku understands the intentions of Xeno as well as the fascination he has as a scientist but what will be interesting is whether Senku underestimates the pull Xeno has towards his own personal intentions. I don’t doubt that Xeno will help the Science Kingdom but when exactly will Xeno decide to betray them?

I wouldn’t really call the process of petrification as imbuing the human race with immortality. Rather, it seems more a rejuvenating wave of energy that can heighten a living organisms bodily functions which includes healing. I suspect there are limitations to reviving a deceased person or at least I hope there are. As sad as it is, death is a necessary refresher. I don’t believe one could dig up a corpse, petrify them and use the revival fluid on them in order to bring them back to life. Such an ability seems too fantastical to exist. There must some threshold when the petrification beam stops working on a deceased individual. If Hyoga had been dead a week, would the petrification beam have worked on him? And if it did, would the revival fluid have revived him? Senku is also correct in the not having sufficient evidence to determine whether the petrification power can stave off cell decay and the aging process. There are too many questions left to be answered before the confines and characteristics of the Petrification device can be determined. But it is in that uncertainty and mystery where the real danger lies.

Dr Stone chapter 198 - Xeno agrees to help the Science Kingdom

Knowledge of such a power will inevitable drive some to desperation and instability. The prospect of immortality and power combined is too tempting an opportunity for those consumed by greed to defend against such a seduction. Rationality will crumble and give way to madness. The pursuit of such a power will unravel any looking to control such an ability in the current free, vast and unclaimed world. Aside from the stone statues, humanities presence has disappeared from the world over the pat 3,700 years. Any future revivees intent on conquest and power will without fail do whatever they can to attain such a power if knowledge of immortality sourced from the petrification device were openly revealed. Conflict and destruction will dye humanity once again.

Having said that, there is the possibility that such an outcome will arise. An antagonist more malicious and murderous than any seen before. One which demands the revival of Stanley and the rest of the military personal that are currently petrified. Would this future antagonist be a character Xeno recommends to revive in order to develop the Spaceship. Or would this character break their petrification through means similar to Senku and Xeno i.e. through natural elements and an active mind?

Dr Stone chapter 198 - Senku and Xeno develop their blueprint for developing a Spaceship

Why-man’s transmission has currently ceased and likely is awaiting a response from Earth before recommencing the broadcast. If an AI is functioning of the Moon, it would make sense why such actions are being taken by Why-man. This AI could have a process it serves. One that instructs it to release a petrification wave across Earth if any human activity is detected on the planet. But if Why-man is an AI, who was the one that developed it? And why? What purpose did the individual who created it have? Why was humanity petrified in the first place? And why were several petrification devices released on Treasure Island a couple hundred years ago?

I am curious to see how Senku and Xeno develop a spaceship and if further individuals are required to be revived in order to complete their blueprint. The process would take a long time and if the Science Kingdom doesn’t have their ship anymore, it would take longer. How will the knowledge of the petrification device affect them during their journey? And when will the characters in North America, Japan and Treasure Island be revived? I am excited to see some of them again. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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