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Kaiju No.8 chapter 32 - Kafka's knocks the Kaiju bomb into the sky saving the Defense Force

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 30-32 – Eyes Of Enmity

Kaiju No.8 chapter 32 - Mina and the Defense Force react to Kafka's Kaiju form by attempting to apprehend him

It was an inevitability. The current separation of Humanity and Kaiju is one entrenched in conflict. A deeply rooted past that has conditioned the minds of the Defense Force to treat any and all Kaiju as destructive enemies to humankind. Regardless of the circumstance, the figure that stands before them has the form of their “enemy” and at a loss for what else to do, the Defense Force soldiers fall back on what they know, protocol. Apprehend the embodiment of their terror. A form resembling their enemy. One humanity associates only devastation, animosity and trauma with. The confrontation between two childhood friends dawns a reality filled with ruthfulness. Will their paths resolve to continue forward together or will this moment fracture it into division?

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