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One Piece chapter 1014 - Kin'emon defends against Kaido

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One Piece Chapter 1014 – Kaido VS The Rebellion

One Piece chapter 1014 - Kin'emon defends against Kaido

After dispatching Luffy into the ocean, Kaido turns his eyes to the Samurai and in particular, Momonosuke, the Lord of the rebel forces currently fighting across Onigashima. Kaido intends to shatter the spirits of the rebels with the news of Luffy’s defeat and the annihilation of their lord, Momonosuke. What Kaido fails to grasp is the independence of each Samurai’s belief. They have all reached a point where they will happily give their life to protect and to fight for their lord, nation and people. Fear and desperation have already guided each of them to this point. Adding more terror won’t change the resolution burned into their soul. The Straw Hat Pirates won’t give up and neither will the Samurai. Kin’emon, the representative of the Samurai rebellion now stands against Kaido challenging him head on with the weight of the nation on his shoulder and the presence of his lord behind him. Overpowered by Kaido as he may be, Kin’emon still stands.

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