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Kaiju No.8 - Chief Shinomiya VS Kafka

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 35 – Chief Shinomiya VS Kafka

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You shrewd man Isao Shinomiya. The whole display by him against Monster #8 is most likely his attempt to provide the Defense Force leadership with a foundation of confidence on which he can propose his request. Chief Shinomiya’s intention was never to eliminate Monster #8 but rather to provide concrete evidence that he is capable of dispatching Monster #8 if a situation arises that calls for it. More than anyone in the Defense Force, Chief Shinomiya likely understands what the Kaiju are capable of and what they are able to endure. Chief Shinomiya has reminded the Defense Force that he is still as powerful as he once was and established that he is more than enough to take down Monster #8 if Kafka ever decides to betray the Defense Force. After such a display, the Defense Force would have little doubt in Chief Shinomiya’s abilities and may just approve a certain request he is likely to make such as working with Kafka to learn more about the Kaiju, their functionality and the structure of hybrids.

Given the response from those present witnessing Chief Shinomiya attacking Monster #8, it is clear that some had begin to doubt in Chief Shonimiya’s capabilities and the extent of his strength consider his age. Even though Isao Shinomiya was praised as one point as the strongest in the Defense Force history, the times have changed and Chief Shinomiya has grown older. Chief Shinomiya equipping and utilising the Monster #2 Arms may have been his first time after many years or decades. Such a gap would have justified the doubts the Defense Force had in Chief Shinomiya’s abilities but now after seeing what he is still capable of, the Defense Force have been reminded just how strong Chief Shinomiya is.

Kaiju No.8 - Kafka overwhelmed by Chief Shinomiya utilising the Monster #2 Arms

I don’t doubt the battle is taking its toll on Chief Shinomiya but he appears very focused on achieving a certain outcome and as such is extending himself and taking this risk to see his desired outcome reached. Chief Shinomiya didn’t have to equip the Monster #2 Arms and personally attack Monster #8 but he chose to anyway. And I believe he did so primarily to show to Defense Force leadership that he is still capable of handling a numbered Kaiju. By establishing such a truth, he gains the potential of being able to personally oversee the research on Monster #8 which indirectly keeps Kafka from being terminated. I believe Chief Shinomiya may regard what he heard from Mina and Kikoru as having some truth which could mean his interest in working with Kafka to find out more about the Kaiju isn’t solely linked to having a living Hybrid in front of him. Contrary to his current actions, Chief Shinomiya may not completely believe that Kafka has lost to his Kaiju nature.

Kaiju No.8 - Monster #2 from the 1972 attack

Now that we have starting getting into the Numbered Monsters from the past, I am very curious to learn how other lowered numbered Monsters were utilised in the construction of weapons for Defense Force Agents. What began of the Monster #1 parts and would there be anything special about Monster #7, the Monster that preceded Kafka? Could Kafka not be the first Human/Kaiju hybrid? Monster #7 may have very well be the Prototype. Very much looking forward to the next chapter. I don’t believe Chief Shinomiya intends to kill Kafka. That blow wasn’t a killing blow and likely only an attack to show the Defense Force that he is capable of stopping Monster #8 and that Kafka is capable of controlling his Kaiju form.

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