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Kaiju No.8 - Chief Shinomiya VS Kafka

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 35 – Chief Shinomiya VS Kafka

You shrewd man Isao Shinomiya. The whole display by him against Monster #8 is most likely his attempt to provide the Defense Force leadership with a foundation of confidence on which he can propose his request. Chief Shinomiya’s intention was never to eliminate Monster #8 but rather to provide concrete evidence that he is capable of dispatching Monster #8 if a situation arises that calls for it. More than anyone in the Defense Force, Chief Shinomiya likely understands what the Kaiju are capable of and what they are able to endure. Chief Shinomiya has reminded the Defense Force that he is still as powerful as he once was and established that he is more than enough to take down Monster #8 if Kafka ever decides to betray the Defense Force. After such a display, the Defense Force would have little doubt in Chief Shinomiya’s abilities and may just approve a certain request he is likely to make such as working with Kafka to learn more about the Kaiju, their functionality and the structure of hybrids.

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