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Edens Zero chapter 144 - Rebecca reverses time for herself

Edens Zero Chapter 144 – Gravity, Time And Space

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Edens Zero chapter 144 - Rebecca reverses time for herself

Rebecca has used her powers and reversed herself back 90 seconds which means the whole world she now exist in is the past present from her perspective. For those 90 seconds, anything else that happened within the world outside the facility will also have taken place in the world she came from. This could mean the explosion Shiki was caught up in may not have taken place yet in the world Rebecca reverted to. If everything plays out as it had, Shiki will fall prey to the explosion once more. But given the connection Shiki and Rebecca share, could Shiki have once again had his gravity attract memories of the future present into his current self? Could the Shiki in the current world now be partially aware of the self-destruct protocol the robot is about to activate? If so, will Shiki be able to adapt to the situation using the knowledge he now possesses? And what about Shura, as a Gravity Gear user, can he also attract memories of his other selves from different timelines when Rebecca uses her powers?

In theory, any Gravity Gear user should be able to attract memories but when it comes to Rebecca and Shiki, there is a special connection that exist between the two. After all, it wasn’t a coincidence that Rebecca initially decided to visit Granbell which is where she met Shiki and began the adventure they are now on. There is definitely a force guiding and connecting Rebecca and Shiki. By reversing time for herself, Rebecca may have effectively saved Shiki and enabled him to escape the explosion the robot is about to set off or allow Shiki to stop it completely. Even if Rebecca isn’t physically on the scene next to Shiki, she will have a hand in helping Shiki defeat him. It should also be noted that Shiki’s gravity is different than the heavy type of Shura’s. Different Gravity Gear users may have different Gravity Characteristics which could affect the type of things the user’s Gravity attracts.

Edens Zero chapter 144 - Homura powerless to stop her reflection from attacking her friends

Turning to the Mirror World, Milani’s powers are fascinating. Her Ether Gear works by creating a manifestation of the image reflected in the mirrors connected to her Ether. That reflection is to an extent the opposite of the original. The left becomes the right and the right becomes the left. I don’t believe personality-wise the reflection is the complete opposite of the original. Rather, the reflection having been created by Milani performs its actions based on how Milani sees fit, which in this case is antagonistic towards Rebecca and Co. If Homura was the opposite of herself, her attitude would be different than the reflections current mindless state. The reflection seems a puppet or program given instructions or processes to carry out.

What is curious about Milani’s Ether Gear is how the reflection she creates retains the Ether Gear power of the person being reflected or at least the power reflected on the mirror. Rather than reflecting the power to be the opposite of what it is, Milani’s power seems to create a copy of it on the reflection. Does this mean that the reflection is only able to use a power copied onto itself? If Homura did not have her sword summoned, would the reflection not have access to her Ether sword? It doesn’t likely for a person’s Ether Gear to be copied onto a reflection, meaning if a person does not activate their Ether Gear when having a reflection of themself created, the reflection won’t be able to use their Ether Gear. It would be interesting to learn if Pino or Happy could be affected by the mirror world. If Pino was able to enter the mirror and use her EMP on Milani, what would happen then? Would the Mirror World created by Milani’s gravity collapse and force all inhabitants out or would it mean all those present in the Mirror World would end up stuck and/or destroyed?

Edens Zero chapter 144 - Homura encounters Milani within the Mirror World

In order for Homura to escape the Mirror World , will she need to defeat Milani? Or does their exist a more practical method of escaping the Mirror World such as locating the master mirror that connects the physical and reflection worlds. It could very well be a combination of both. Until further information on Milani’s abilities is revealed, it is unclear exactly how the Mirror World functions against the physical world. Milani’s use of the word “shatter” in the context of her threat is quite revealing though. When an individual is reflected into the Mirror World does the composition of their bodies/state change? Instead of being completely physical, they are governed by a different set of rules such as if the glass showing their reflection in the physical world is shattered. Rather than the reflection shattering, their real self trapped inside the world is instead shattered. Another piece of information that could help Homura escape is the fact that her reflection from the Mirror World was able to escape into the real world. If her reflection can do it, that means there exist a way for her to get back into the physical world by using the mirrors. Milani is likely a range fight which could be disadvantageous to Homura if she isn’t able to close the distance in the Mirror World. I also wonder if the Milani currently in the Mirror World is the real one or a reflection? And if it is a real one, does their also exist a reflection elsewhere?

I love how the sound effects of the panels are also reflected when focused inside the Mirror World. I didn’t notice it at first but what a great touch to add such detail. I wonder what else is reflected inside this world? Your movements/motor functions? The damage one does? Light? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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