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Dr. Stone chapter 196 - Suika hugs Senku after four years of experimenting on recreating the revival fuild

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 – The Revival of Dr. Stone

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Dr. Stone chapter 196 - Suika hugs Senku after four years of experimenting on recreating the revival fuild

What an inspiring chapter. After the reintroduction to the stone world, the change of perspective from Senku to Suika worked incredibly. And the notion that science exist beyond any life conveyed itself magnificently through the journey Suika went through coming to terms with being alone in the world and having no revival fluid at her disposal. No matter the knowledge that is snuffed out through the termination of scientific minds, science will always exist. The process involved in understanding the universe we live in still exist. And the hunger for curiosity is a characteristic inherit in all human beings. With life naturally comes the existence of science. And through that intimate relation humans have with science, progress is born. Suika’s journey in reviving Senku encapsulated that notion wondrously.

I absolutely loved how Suika took on the lessons she learned from all those she cares about and put them into practice in order to progress through the world she found herself in. From surviving, to gathering her friends to creating a working revival fluid that can revive everyone, Suika applied what she had learned to the situations she found herself in. Despite the challenges she faced, she persevered and regardless of the time it took to accomplish her goals, she never gave up. Her resolution and determination alongside her application of science are what helped her create the revival fluid and break Senku free from his petrification state.

Dr. Stone chapter 196 - Suika resolves to spend however long it will take to revive her friends

It may have taken Suika around four years to successfully replicate the revival fluid but during the process of trail and error, she not only came to understand more about the process involved in creating the revival fluid but she likely also came to respect the usefulness and wonder of science. In how science can be applied to life to both appreciate it more and enhance what is possible. Suika is around 16 now and having lived a large portion of her life alone, I expect her knowledge and interest in science to have grown substantially. Suika may not have been conducting the types of experiments Senku had and it may have taken her over four years to recreate the revival fluid but without a doubt, Suika is a scientist. She used the knowledge shared with her to bring humanity back from the brink (again). What Suika accomplished is no small feat. Senku’s comment to Suika upon reviving illustrates that perfectly. Science isn’t something humanity is born with. It is rather an understanding born from curiosity, wonder and a step-by-step approach of observation and experimentation. What Suika has learned and achieved during those four years will become invaluable for the revival of humanity going forward.

In addition to recreating the revival fluid and surviving, during the four years Suika spent experimenting, I suspect she may have also surveyed the surrounding area using Dr. Chelsea’s map. I wouldn’t be surprised if Suika’s efforts during the time she spent alone makes it easier for the Science Kingdom to gather the materials they require from Araxa. All the information Suika will share with the group will hasten the time needed to establish Alloy City. I also wonder if during that time, Suika opted to explore beyond the land and search for the Perseus. Suika would likely have realised that the Perseus will be needed for the Science Kingdom to return to North America to revive the rest of their allies. If the ship wasn’t destroyed or lost before Suika’s revived from the stone, she may have found a way to keep the ship in a safe area to reduce the damage done to it over time.

Suika’s “E = mc²” design was fantastic. It’s great how she recreated Senku clothes and added her equation design on it. I also love the addition of the shawl. It fitting that Suika who followed in Senku’s footsteps is the one revive him from his petrification state. With Senku revived and Suika likely having prepared more revival fluid, the rest of the Science Kingdom can finally be saved. Hopefully all the members are able to revive, including Hyoga who suffered substantial injuries during the battle against the Xeno retrieval team. Dr. Stone has revived and with it the rest of humanity has hope. Extremely excited for the next chapter, can’t wait for it to be released!

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