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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 34 - Kafka detained by the Defense Force

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 33-34 – The Heart Of A Monster

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 34 - Kafka detained by the Defense Force

Kafka has been captured and the fear overwhelming the Defense Force Leadership has directed their mindsets to the termination of the source behind their terror. Fear of the power the Kaiju possess and fear of the uncertainty surrounding the Kaiju’s existence. The line between Humanity and Kaiju has been drawn in their minds and to keep their sanity within the confines of their understanding, the actions they arrive at involve treating Kafka as the Monsters they combat against. Although unlike the rest, the Chief of the Defense Force, Isao Shinomiya, takes a direct approach in assessing the danger Kafka possesses. If Chief Shinomiya believed wholeheartedly that Kafka was a complete threat, the Defense Force would be executing him. But instead, Chief Shinomiya has opted to test Kafka, both his DNA and human tendencies. Kafka is undoubtedly a Hybrid, but can he prove to Chief Shinomiya that the heart he possesses is not that of a monster but that of himself – someone born with the desire to help others?

Mina didn’t have much of a choice but to bring Kafka in considering there are protocols and procedures to follow lest she chooses to become an enemy of the Defense Force so that she can save Kafka. There may come a time for Mina to make such a choice but that time is not right now. Despite detaining Kafka, Mina is still doing everything in her power to make a case for Kafka so that he has a chance of being spared and understood. The conversation Mina and Kafka had was also incredibly significant. Mina made it her mission to stop all Kaiju but with her now aware that Kafka is part Kaiju, her perception of Kaiju has begun to change. It helped that the Kaiju she was now interacting with was her childhood friend. A friend she is very close and personal with. Through her interactions with Kafka, Mina has started to realise that Kaiju are not all monsters, that they may be a few who like Kafka, do not wish to harm humanity. Mina’s strict stance on Kaiju will likely mellow going forward and given her position as Japan’s top Defense Force agent, I suspect she may come across other Human/Kaiju hybrids when interacting with other nations Defense Forces.

During the Defense Force leadership meeting, it has been revealed that a certain nation has started researching into transplantation of monster tissue into humans. More than likely, that nation in question is probably America given the resources and military power they have at their disposal. When the antagonist Kaiju faction makes their move and conducts operations across several Defense Force bases around the world, the unification of a World Defense Force may come about. This could be where Mina and Japan’s Defense Force Elite meet other Hybrids like Kafka from different nations. Although unlike Kafka, who became part Kaiju after bonding with a living Kaiju organism, the other Hybrids could have had Kaiju DNA transplanted into them. This could result in a side-effect where the subjects mental state may be affected due to the introduction of foreign DNA/tissue. There is also a chance that what happened with Kaiju may have occurred to others. The Kaiju that found Kafka and bonded with him had to have come from somewhere and if one of its type existed, there may be other Kaiju that can bond with humans. But seeing as Monster #9 was surprised at Monster #8 behaving like a human, it doesn’t seem common knowledge even to the antagonist Kaiju faction that Humans and Kaiju can bond. There is likely a separate Kaiju faction existing which does not intend to harm humanity. The story will likely only focus on them once it delves deeper into the antagonistic Kaiju group.

Leno and Kikoru are also doing what they can to help Kafka. Leno doesn’t have many options beside training and getting stronger so that when Kafka returns, he can support him more effectively. Kikoru on the other hand has paid her dear father a visit in order to request him to withdraw Kafka’s execution. Even though Kikoru’s mother was killed by a Kaiju and she has reason to hate them all, she has chosen to believe in Kafka because he has become someone important to her. One of the few people she can be at ease around. Despite the x-ray scans of Kafka showing his heart having changed into a Kaiju core, Kikoru still believes that the heart driving Kafka is his own. Kikoru is noticeably on edge around her father but when it came to defending Kafka, she dropped hierarchy and expressed her heartfelt belief in Kafka. Those resolute eyes Kikoru displayed to her father wasn’t nothing. Even Chief Shinomiya who believes in the data presented to him, would question its accuracy when his daughter who rarely behaves frank around him has chosen to do so for Kafka. Kikoru may have had a part to play in Chief Shinomiya’s current actions.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 34 - Kikoru being open and sincere to her father about her belief in Kafka

Rather than outright executing Kafka, Chief Shinomiya has chosen to personally evaluate him. Chief Shinomiya must know that Kafka is an exemplary soldier based on the reports received from Mina and his interaction with Kikoru. What I suspect Chief Shinomiya is testing is Kafka’s ability to control his Kaiju abilities. It was obvious before Chief Shinomiya shot Kafka that Kafka would stop the bullets with his transformation. It has already been established that Kafka is a Hybrid. Chief Shinomiya is likely backing Kafka into a corner to assess how he reacts. Does Kafka possess the tendency of a Kaiju or that of his human self? Biologically Kafka has changed, that is unquestionable. But what is in question is the mind and heart behind the Kaiju. Aside from a third party breaking Kafka out, the other way Kafka can avoid termination is proving to the Defense Force that he is not a threat but a potential asset they can use against the fight against the Kaiju. Kafka’s DNA may even unlock further mysteries behind the Kaiju form. Curious to see what happens between Chief Shinomiya and Kafka. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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