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Edens Zero chapter 143 - Shiki rejects Shura's hollow offer of friendship

Edens Zero Chapter 143 – Shiki VS Shura: Repulsion

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Edens Zero chapter 143 - Shiki rejects Shura's hollow offer of friendship

For someone like Shiki to reject ones offer for friendship, that person must be incredibly duplicitous. What should have been a reaction of exuberance from Shiki was instead one of caution. Any sincerity or genuineness was devoid in the weight of Shura’s words upon reaching his hand out. Both the arrogance and ignorance of Shura led him to believe that any offer he would make would be accepted. Yet, Shiki who values friendship tremendously, understood the character of Shura and recognised the type of person he was based on his intentions and actions. Shiki drew a line in the sand and rejected Shura’s offer, something which likely hasn’t happened frequently to Shura. The battle between the two may have paused but Shiki will without question make his way back to Shura and challenge him once again.

Accepting people who believe in things differently from you is okay but supporting the termination of other living lifeforms, even if manufactured, is something unacceptable. Through some twisted logic, Shura truly believes what he does is just. The world he has been brought up in has constructed the notion that there is a hierarchy of value in different lifeforms, with him sitting at the top with the right to judge and execute any he sees fit based on his whims. Those weaker and in a lower position than him are but toys to play with and break. Shura does not see life through the spectacle of miracles and beauty but one of revolving around him. To Shura, robots are meant to serve him unquestionably. And by robotic lifeforms now exercising their own will and conscious, he can’t bring himself to reconcile with such a reality against what he has been taught. Shura’s bad attitude is only part to blame for his current tyrannical self. Poseidon should bear equal responsibility for Shura’s current state as a consequence of the upbringing Poseidon provided to Shura. Did Poseidon ever view Shura as a son? Or merely a task that his dice instructed him to concern himself with? Poseidon’s heartless personality also seems to have repeated itself in Shura. Only until Shura is defeated and the world he believes in comes crumbling down (the world which he believes revolves around him), will Shura begin to understand the meaning of life and the sight of the world around him. Maybe at that time Shiki would consider befriending him but at this point in time, Shura needs to be defeated.

Edens Zero chapter 143 - Shura attacks the Edens Zero to get back at Shiki

Hopefully, Shiki can escape the hordes of robots sent to kill him and make his way back to the Edens Zero where Shura currently is. Witch, Sister and Hermit are currently Shura’s targets. Shura’s gravity has nullified their ability to transform into their Battle Dress Requip forms but I wonder if Witch could buy the others some time to either bind Shura’s arms or nullify his Ether Gear through some EMP-like attack that has a range which wouldn’t affected them if positioned away from Shura. Witch has full belief in Shiki and understands that if they can buy Shiki enough time, he will be able to make it back to the Edens Zero. It is concerning that Shura is now obsessed with teaching Shiki a lesson buy breaking his android “toys” but I have confidence that Witch, Sister and Hermit can come up with a strategy to buy Shiki sufficient time to reach the Edens Zero. If Jinn returns to the Edens Zero, he could take on Shura as he does have experience battling an opponent who possess the Gravity Gear. There is also Couchpo who could become the unlikely saviour,

Shura’s manner of twisting the context of the situation to suit his perverse logic is quite humorous to see. In particular, I love Hermit’s response to Shura’s concerns of Shiki “massacring” a bunch of robots – ‘Their identity doesn’t matter. Human or machine. A friend is a friend and a foe is a foe.” Such an earnest answer hit right at the core of the Shura’s madness. Shura attempted to create a divide between robots and humans yet the three Androids in front him immediately saw through his hollow words and shone the light back at Shura’s ignorance. I really do hope Witch, Sister and Hermit get a chance to be highlighted against Shura instead of merely being victims at the mercy of his gravity.

Edens Zero chapter 143 - Milani ensnares Homura within her hypnosis

The mirror hallway within the Nero 66 facility is very curious. Similar to how Rebecca can channel her Ether through her legs regardless of space and time, can Milani channel her Ether through mirrors or has she used her Ether through mirrors to create a new dimension of reality altogether which she now can exist in? The image at the end of Milani in the mirror with her Ether Gear activated suggest that she either exist within the mirror space or is able to reflect an image of herself within the mirror. Any victim who looks at the mirror long enough falls prey to its hypnotic effects which brings their darker side to the surface. This shown when Homura staring in the mirror is hypnotised. The composed and cool Homura has been silences and what is left in Homura is not someone opposite of Homura. It may in a sense work like mind control, which seems to be substantiated by Homura’s eye changing to match Milani’s. It probably isn’t exactly Homura’s “dark side” coming out but more Milani influencing others. Milani likely can only use her abilities on one person at a time and it may be ineffective against robots. If Milani’s real body is in the mirror and her Ether has entered Homura’s mind, I wonder if Pino can use her controlled EMP to cut off the connection between Homura and Milani. And could Pino’s EMP also affect Milani in the mirror world? Very excited to see what happens next! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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