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Edens Zero chapter 142 - Shiki nullifies Shura's control over the space ship debris

Edens Zero Chapter 142 – Shiki VS Shura: Intersecting Gravity

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Edens Zero chapter 142 - Shiki nullifies Shura's control over the space ship debris

Two gravity gear users subject to the weight of its pull. Both having the direction of their abilities originating from Ziggy. And both orphaned as young children. The journey each of them went through during their lives shaped how they now apply the force of their gravity. The difference in the application of gravity can be noted between the Shiki and Shura. The latter succumbs to the allure of offensive power establishing the familiarity Shura has for utilising gravity onto objects transforming them into projectile weapons. Shiki on the other hand, prefers a defensive approach allowing him to internalize his gravity to evade and nullify attacks. Shiki understands the need to defeat Shura but when met by the ‘hand’ reaching out using the word friend, there is a certain reaction automatic in Shiki that overrides him. With the concept of friend now being attached to Shura, can Shiki ignore any conflict that may arise in his heart or will that weight anchor him down to defeat?

I was not expecting Shura to request Shiki to be his friend. But then again, the comment by Shura seemed more a demand than a request – ‘be my friend’. Will Shiki have any option in Shura’s mind? To Shura, his status means his every whim and desire are satisfied. By demanding Shiki to be his friend, will he expect Shiki to happily comply with his words? What happens then when Shiki introduces the concept of rejection? Will a switch in Shura flip leading him to grow more emotionally unstable? Will Shura display both the arrogance and ignorance he developed when growing up under the luxury of Poseidon? Shiki will most certainly be happy to be Shura’s friend but it will shortly become clear to Shiki that what “friend” means to Shura is entirely different than what it means to Shiki. The selflessness and sacrifice that comes from having such a bond will be non-existent in the portrayal of Shura’s actions of friendship. Shiki may attempt to help Shura but given Shura’s attitude towards the hierarchy of the world, the only way Shura will change his outlook is if he decides to change it. And unfortunately, in this moment, Shura is too wrapped up in his own ego to be aware that the world around him isn’t how he perceives it. Only until Shura is defeated and the perception of his world crumbles around him will he begin to see the universe for what it is. Shiki and Shura may eventually become friends given certain circumstances but right now, the two are destined to conflict.

Edens Zero chapter 142 - Shura intrigued by Shiki

Shiki’s application of Gravity is obviously a surprise to Shura due to differing personality Shiki possesses. And as a result, the styles they use their Gravity Ether with is different. Shura’s is more offensive and Shiki’s is more defensive. Just as Shiki was surprised at Shura being able to lift a ship from the ground, Shura’s was surprised at Shiki being able to crash all those ships parts back to the ground when having his arms bound. Shura never got to experience the teaches of a master beyond the initial time he spent with Ziggy. Shiki on the other hand now has his experience with Xenolith to reflect his abilities against. Shiki has seen what a Magimech Master can do and now knows what is possible. Will Shura also evolve his abilities affecting recognising the wider potential of gravity? Is this why Shura became so fascinated in Shiki – because Shiki was revealed new possibilities with the power of Gravity?

At this point, I don’t expect the Shiki and Shura’s fight to conclude. The two may get interrupted or after being overwhelmed, Shiki may need to carry out a retreat in order to recover from any injuries. With that said, there is a possibility that I have read Shura completely wrong and he will end up allying with Shiki in order to overcome the true antagonist of the arc – Poseidon Nero? At the very least, Shura does recognise Shiki as a respectable Gravity Gear user.

Edens Zero chapter 142 - Shura hurls space debris that was buried under Nero 66 toward Shiki

I was totally off the mark about Laguna. I expected him to join Rebecca, Weisz, Pino and Homura in the infiltration mission. If I am right about Ijuna being the Desert Oasis’s Princess, it may mean that Weisz could end up encountering her and putting the pieces together about who she really is. Weisz could very well be the one who orchestrates the reunion between Laguna and the Desert Oasis Princess. Unless, Laguna runs into her at a later point in the arc when the Nero 66 dome is breached.

Behind the comment Shura made about “all kinds of junk buried under here” on Nero 66, I now find myself anticipating a potential Mother Artifact. What else could be hidden under the ground of Nero 66? If historical technologies and artifacts are located deep in the ground, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that some of Mother’s Ether imbued artifacts also found their way to Nero 66 and became buried. Could the Aoi Cosmos High Tide pick up space junk and force certain objects to be distributed across the planets it comes in contact with. Similar to a sea washing up junk onto the shore, the Aoi Cosmos High Tide could serve a similar function. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Shiki reacts to Shura’s comment about ‘being friends’. Considering Ijuna’s position as Shura’s secretary, I expect her to be key in providing Shiki with a way to overcome Shura.

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