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One Piece chapter 1012 - Nami resolves to stand against and fight Ulti

One Piece Chapter 1012 – Nami: Unwavering Resolve

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One Piece chapter 1012 - Nami resolves to stand against and fight Ulti

Nami may have a tendency to fall on the side of self-preservation in the face of exceedingly powerful opponents but there are times when the spirit behind her nature draws a line. A point at which she can’t bring herself to turn and run away from. And that threshold is witnessing a child get injured in front of her. It may be a nature inherited from her mother, Bell-mère, but whenever a child in front of her needs help, Nami will not budge until she helps them. Right now, a threat to Tami exist in the form and Ulti and Nami has made it her responsibility to protect Tama by defeating Ulti. The odds may be stacked against Nami but in this moment, she stands against opponents far strongest than her because behind her is someone she needs to protect.

Big Mom may be too much for Nami to handle but if Big Mom were to lend her some assistance against Ulti, I can see Nami defeating Ulti using her Clima Tact. Ulti has already been knocked unconscious once with a lightning based attack (Yamato’s Thunder Bagua) so it stands to reason that if Nami can generate sufficient power behind her attack, she could use a lightning attack to knock out Ulti (again). And this time for a longer period than before. Nami can use her Clima Tact to generate illusions of herself in order to reduce the chances of Ulti’s Ulti-Mortar from landing on her. Usopp could even assist by drawing Ulti’s attention to himself unless of course he finds himself going up against a weakened Page One. Zeus could even arrive and end up assisting Nami against Ulti. The presence of Hera could even push Zeus away from Big Mom and toward Nami.

One Piece chapter 1012 - Big Mom knocks out Page One

Kin’emon is currently heading toward Momonosuke. He has contacted Shinobu and is likely aware of their location. In order to stop Kanjuro’s villainy, Kiku has joined Kin’emon. I suspect Kin’emon and Kanjuro will arrive just in time to prevent Kanjuro from killing Momonosuke and Shinobu. Kanjuro will likely use a ink clone of someone Momonosuke and Shinobu knows (Kin’emon?) in order for them to drop their guards. During the battle Kiku will have against Kanjuro, will Momonosuke come to realise what he needs to do in order to take the past of Wano Kuni and move it toward the light? The journal Momonosuke is reading could inspire him to move Wano into the future and the first step could be bringing all of Wano together. This may entail forgiving Kanjuro and reaching a hand out to begin remedying the tragedy that Wano forced onto the Kurozumi clan in the past. Oden’s journal may clarify to Momonosuke what he needs to do.

I didn’t expect Nekomamushi to be set-up to face Perospero but it does make sense for the two to battle considering Pedro was one of Nekomamushi’s close team mate. Nekomamushi understands the nature of war and value of Pedro’s sacrifice but he also has an itch to avenge his precious friend. Nekomamushi could be the one who saves Marco from Perospero. Unless, Sanji and Co. arrive at the live floor before Nekomamushi which may be a challenge considering the anchor left with Sanji i.e. Zoro. Sanji will likely arrive on the Live Floor to face off against either King or Queen. Marco would be too exhausted at that point to handle them both together. Even against one Marco would need the assistance of Izo and Kawamatsu. I don’t expect Marco, Izo and Kawamatsu to defeat King/Queen but their efforts will create an opportunity for Zoro to strike when he regains a bit of his stamina after getting some treatment from Chopper. Sanji will take out one of the All Stars and Zoro will take out the other one with the assistance of Marco, Izo and Kawamatsu. I also expect Hiyori to show up at some point.

One Piece chapter 1012 - Yamato leaves Momonosuke with Shinobu in order to assist Luffy

Law is probably looking for Big Mom but will he be distracted by something else before reading Big Mom? Could it be Yamato who he may assist in reaching the roof of Onigashima or will Law run into another character? Law and Kid could assist Nami by pulling Big Mom away from the battlefield Nami is engaging Ulti on. I wonder if Law and Kid will turn more green once they realise how incredible the Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates is?

Yamato is currently heading to the roof where Kaido and Luffy are having their battle. Momonosuke reading his fathers journal will likely serve as exposure for Yamato during his battle against Kaido alongside Luffy. To substantiate the reasoning behind Yamato’s spirit in fighting Kaido, Momonosuke could reveal some of the contents of Oden’s journal. The journal may even shed some light on the mystery surrounding the ‘people of D’. Oden’s journal could note the peculiarity of ‘Will of D’ and allude to some potential clarity to their enigma. Yamato is aware of the ‘Will of D’ and most likely came to reach such knowledge from Oden’s journal. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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