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Kaiju No.8 chapter 32 - Kafka's knocks the Kaiju bomb into the sky saving the Defense Force

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 30-32 – Eyes Of Enmity

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Kaiju No.8 chapter 32 - Mina and the Defense Force react to Kafka's Kaiju form by attempting to apprehend him

It was an inevitability. The current separation of Humanity and Kaiju is one entrenched in conflict. A deeply rooted past that has conditioned the minds of the Defense Force to treat any and all Kaiju as destructive enemies to humankind. Regardless of the circumstance, the figure that stands before them has the form of their “enemy” and at a loss for what else to do, the Defense Force soldiers fall back on what they know, protocol. Apprehend the embodiment of their terror. A form resembling their enemy. One humanity associates only devastation, animosity and trauma with. The confrontation between two childhood friends dawns a reality filled with ruthfulness. Will their paths resolve to continue forward together or will this moment fracture it into division?

The heart existing inside the figure may be known to them but the form of their terror overwhelms them to the point of reacting defensively. Mina and Soshiro’s reactions convey the exact emotion of the scene. They are struggling to grapple with what has taken place and in order to bring calm to their judgement, they emotionally distance themselves from Kafka. Soshiro through looking away and avoiding eye contact with Kafka. And Mina through her referral of the presence before her not as Kafka Hibino but as Kaiju/Monster #8. Mina does not know what the government would do to Kafka if he were captured and contained, all she is focused on is the existence of the Humanoid Kaiju standing before her and the need to capture. That is what Mina knows what to do. That is what Mina has been trained to do.

Kaiju No.8 chapter 31 - Kafka transform to stop the Kaiju bomb

The Humanoid Kaiju (Kaiju/Monster #10) that is still present on the scene through its head may have deduced what had happened if he caught a glimpse of Kaiju #8 and/or Kafka transforming into it. What we know for certain is that Kaiju #10 reacted with surprise after Kafka punched the Kaiju bomb into the sky before exploding. If it is now aware that Kafka is Kaiju #8 and of the power Kafka possesses through his Kaiju form, what will the organisation it belongs to do with such information? How will this Kaiju faction react? Will it move to capture Kafka or will it do everything in its power to see him destroyed. Kafka obviously stands against the intentions of this Kaiju group which appears to want to cause destruction to humanity, so it would be expected to want to see Kafka dead but could they also see value in turning Kafka to their side? And could there be more Kaiju factions than the antagonist ones that have been featured so far? The Kaiju that Kafka initially consumed at the start of the story had to come from somewhere. Did it belong to a different Kaiju faction? A certain group in humanity? Or was it acting on its own? Kafka being in danger could potentially help reveal if such possibilities exist.

I expect Leno and Kikoru to come to Kafka’s defense if they arrive at the scene. Leno will remind the Defense Force who Kafka is and of the heroic heart that resides inside the Kaiju standing before them. Kikoru could also bring light to the future awaiting Kafka if he were captured by the Defense Force. All that would await Kafka isn’t justice but a life of being experimented and test on. Both Leno and Kikoru’s dreams exist inside the Defense Force but I do not see them turning their backs on a friend. Efforts will be made by them to save Kafka. Kikoru especially, she may have been brought up with the expectation of leading the Defense Force at some point but after having met Kafka, she has begun to recognise the desires within her own heart. Beyond reaching toward what others wish for her, Kikoru has come to embrace her own emotions. If Leno and Kikoru aren’t able to convince the Defense Force of the non-danger Kafka presents, a third party may appear to assist Kafka from being captured unless this party only makes their move after Kafka is captured.

Kaiju No.8 chapter 32 - Kafka's knocks the Kaiju bomb into the sky saving the Defense Force

Kafka doesn’t appear to be a condition in which he can run away and escape. Although, even if he does, Mina and Soshiro are aware that he is a Humanoid Kaiju. It is unclear if others beyond Leno, Kikoru, Soshiro and Mina are aware of Kafka being Kaiju #8 but considering Mina did call Kafka by his name before changing to refer to him as Kaiju #8, it seems likely that more of the Defense Force are aware of Kafka being a Humanoid Kaiju. Leno and Kikoru could buy Kafka sufficient time to recover his legs so that he can escape but they may also be implicated in such a situation if Kafka did escape. What likely will happen is that Leno and Kikoru will defend Kafka but ultimately Kafka will still be taken into custody. After Kafka and Mina have a talk, a development may arise that sees Kafka being freed. The conversation Kafka has with Mina may be the moment in which Mina starts to change her perspective on Kaiju. From complete hostility toward them to being more understanding that not all Kaiju are the same.

Kafka’s identity as Kaiju #8 has been revealed earlier than I expected but with the development now taking place, I wonder if focus on the Kaiju group behind the assaults on humanity will increase. If they are also aware of Kafka’s presence, what will their response be? And aside from those Kaiju, are there more Humanoid Kaiju like Kafka who wish to defend Humanity? Could such a group make an appearance soon as they attempt to save Kafka? If Kafka is taken into the Defense Force custody, I don’t see him remaining their for long but hopefully his presence there will make the government aware that not all Kaiju are enemies of humanity. The story is at a very curious point and I very much look forward to seeing where it will head. Excited for the next chapter!

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