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One Piece chapter 1011 - Big Mom's anger directs itself towards the Beast Pirates who caused harm to those she feels indebted to

One Piece Chapter 1011 – Code Of Honor

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One Piece chapter 1011 - Big Mom's anger directs itself towards the Beast Pirates who caused harm to those she feels indebted to

If the Beast Pirates knew beforehand that Okobore Town were associated with Linlin would they have acted differently? They certainly would have reconsidered burning the town to the ground and chosen a path more merciful if only to save themselves later down the line. But such a thing didn’t happen and now Big Mom’s anger has been directed toward Kaido’s followers who harmed those she is indebted to. Even with her positioned at the top of the criminal world, she has principles she adheres to and injuring those who showed kindness to her is one of those lines she dare not cross. Big Mom never had any loyalty to the alliance with the Beast Pirates and only endured it as a necessary stepping stone on her path toward her dream. If Linlin’s treatment of Page One is anything to go by, she is mad and those that burned Okobure Town to the ground now have the shadow of death behind them. The code of honor they failed to follow will now be beaten into them.

I am surprised Big Mom can have such extreme reactions depending on the person standing before her. Beyond her killer tendencies, Linlin has a simpler innocence to her. One that reacts positively in the presence of little children. As such, Linlin’s motherly side arises when she interacts with Tama. Despite the resentment she feels against Nami and Usopp for being Luffy’s subordinates, she shifts to a cheerful and polite tone when she notices Tama. Linlin has committed unspeakable crimes during her life but what is certain is that she does possess a heart that can care for others. With the knowledge she now possesses that the Beast Pirates have caused harm to people she cares about, how exactly will Big Mom react? Will she call off her alliance with Kaido or will she keep it going and seek out justice on her own while Kaido is engaged with his battle against Luffy? Until Big Mom’s heart is alleviated, I suspect she will continue to take her anger out on the Beast Pirates who have caused the town she feels indebted to such harm. Page One was the first in her path, will Ulti be the second?

One Piece chapter 1011 - Kaido and Luffy face off against each other with Haoshoku Haki attacks

Luffy is currently holding his own against Kaido but can someone who recently unlocked the capabilities of Haoshoku Haki seriously compete against an opponent who has possessed such abilities for years if not decades? Luffy has only just reawakened from his collapsed self after being exhausted. I doubt Luffy has much stamina left in his current state. If the fight is prolonged, Luffy may not be able to keep up with someone like Kaido. Sure Kaido is also injured and took a direct hit from Law’s Injection Shot but I don’t see someone like Kaido losing because of just that. Luffy will again soon feel the effects of his exhaustion and will likely need another ally to help him in his fight against Kaido. One character who has yet to encounter Kaido in this arc but is positioned to inevitably face off against him is Kaido’s own son, Yamato. Oda-sensei has been highlighting Yamato’s desire to help Luffy against Kaido since his introduction and I see no reason for why Oda-sensei won’t see what he set-up through. Yamato will reach Luffy and he WILL assist him against Kaido. Without a doubt, the one character who has been repeatedly fighting Kaido for the past 20 years will have a significant role in Kaido’s eventual defeat.

Hawkins has finally appeared again and this time in front of Kid and Killer. Kid leaves Hawkins to Killer and heads off to find Big Mom in order to prevent her from regrouping with Kaido again. Hawkins continues to follow the readings of his fortunes and continues to stand against the rebels looking to take down the Beast Pirates. Even though Hawkins has no allegiance to the Beast Pirates, he continues to side with them as he believes such an act will be the best course of action for his survival. Will the fates forces Hawkins to switch sides or will Hawkins make that decision himself during his battle against Killer? Hawkins will be one of the nine shadows that stands against Kaido and now the only thing preventing him from fulfilling such a role is his own fear of death. Hawkins knows that if he goes against the Beast Pirates, there is a high chance he will die. Can Killer show Hawkins that his fortunes are all that they are cracked up to be? Very much looking forward to the next chapter,

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